AHS Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Knows How to End This American Horror Story

When it comes to American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy, it's not just the fact that the man's a creative genius and multimedia powerhouse that impresses us. Though considering that he's had Ratched, The Prom, The Boys in the Band, and countless other project plates spinning at the same time just this year alone, that would be more than enough to notch a win in the "impressive" column. With Murphy, we also get someone who stays invested in what's going on in the world around him.

Case-in-point? The current U.S. Presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, a hotly-contested national battle that still doesn't have a called winner. And that's something that Murphy – and millions of others – are having with a projected winner being called: in previous elections, with numbers looking the way they are? We would've had at least three major news agencies making the call for Biden by now. That doesn't mean that all votes don't still get counted, but news agencies also have an obligation to the public to be consistent- especially this year.

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy knows what needs to happen with this election (Image: FX)
American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy knows what needs to happen with this election (Image: FX)

Here's a look at Murphy's solution to the issue at hand: for the networks and news agencies to call the POTUS election as they would at this point if it were any other year:

Since we're already here discussing the American Horror Story universe anyway, let's look back at what we know so far- starting with Murphy posting an image of sand dunes on a beach with the caption, "American Horror Story. Clue." Considering the imagery and the location of Provincetown, Massachusetts, being utilized for filming on the upcoming season, we're going with the story being based around (or including) the "Lady in the Dunes": the name was given to the body of an unidentified woman discovered in July 1974. Though efforts were made in 1980, 2000, and 2013, to learn the victim's true identity (as well as the identity of her killer) remains unknown.

Then in late August, Murphy posted an image of a set of sharpened teeth with the news that production on the tenth season would begin in October. Could the set of sharpened jaws be teasing a water-based menace? Possibly killer mermaids? And what about Sarah Paulson's tease (joke?) about aliens being a factor?

Set to the tune of Orville Peck's Dead of Night, the American Horror Story cast reveal video above confirmed that AHS alums Paulson, Peters, Bates, Grossman, Lourd, Porter, Rabe, Ross, and Wittrock will return. In addition, Home Alone alum Macaulay Culkin is set to join the franchise's universe for the first time. Over the weekend, FX Networks released a new teaser for their upcoming programming titled "The Ride" (below) that offered AHS fans their first teaser for American Horror Stories– with the ominous line: "Times may have changed, but the nature of evil has not."

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