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Angela takes that next step on Watchmen, courtesy of HBO.
Earlier today, we reported how The Gang from FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia were just a few of the millions upon millions of people across the country and around the world celebrating the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris (and that it was Donald Trump's last day) Someone else who used[...]
Antarctic Press March 2021 Solicitations
Antarctic Press is celebrating the election of America's first woman Vice President with an America Celebrates: Kamala Harris Coloring Book Which is an interesting take and there is no chance this will backfire at all And Gold Digger on #284 is launching its eight-part finale of one of the longest-running comic books of all time[...]
John Mulaney Returns to Host SNL
With only days to go until Jason Bateman and musical guest Morgan Wallen take to Studio 8H to mark the return of NBC's Saturday Night Live for the first of three new episodes, we're actually going to take a moment to look back on one of the season's earlier hosts- one who ended up being questioned[...]
Dwayne Johnson
Johnson threw his first endorsement of a candidate behind Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, and it would be foolish to think it didn't sway a voter or two Check out what he had to say below. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the world premiere of his movie "Furious 7."Photo by Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com Dwayne Johnson[...]
saturday night live
It was also the first live SNL after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were projected the next President and Vice-President of the United States of America But was it also a last for Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump? It sure does if you look at his last two tweets since the episode aired. Biden Victory Cold Open[...]
Joe Biden And Kamala Harris On Savage Dragon New Printing
With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected the next President and Vice-President of the United States Of America, taking both the popular vote and the electoral college, Image Comics founder and CFO Erik Larsen announced a new printing for his comic book Savage Dragon #253, with an updated version of the cover that featured Biden[...]
American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy knows what needs to happen with this election (Image: FX)
See? Who says Murphy doesn't know how to deliver a happy ending to AHS? American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy knows what needs to happen with this election (Image: FX) Murphy made the shocking revelation in an Instagram post on Saturday afternoon- as well as the names of the three additional "writers" he brought on to help[...]
Alton Brown takes stock of stock in Good Eats: Reloaded (Image: Cooking Channel)
Presidential election between Joe Biden/Kamala Harris and Trump/Pence has finally taken its toll on him- and he let it be known via Twitter in what we're assuming/hoping/would-be-even-more-concerned-if-it-wasn't tirade that combined rage, the willy-nilly use of showers, liquor, and possibly some of the best stoner menu items you could imagine. Alton Brown takes stock of stock in[...]
Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and Donald Trump and Mike Pence (as well as numerous Congressional races). Supernatural (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved) Now, series creator Eric Kripke has already chimed in to say that Sam and Dean would be "Team Biden/Harris" and it's not[...]
Supernatural -- "Gimme Shelter" -- Image Number: SN1515B_0248r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Well, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke (The Boys) is doing his part to get out the vote against Trump by letting the SPN Family known that Sam and Dean would definitely vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Of course, Kripke proved himself in need of an editor when he followed up by saying Dean would've[...]
Saturday Night Live Season 46 spoofed the POTUS debate (Image: NBCU)
Lauren Holt (The Filth), Punkie Johnson (Space Force), and Andrew Dismukes (Comedy Central's Colossal ClusterFest, New York Comedy Festival) are joining the cast as feature players. Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump, with Maya Rudolph joining them as Kamala Harris, and Jim Carrey as Joe Biden (Bennett will continue as Michael Pence). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC7lm4Ng5KM&t=122sVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript[...]