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American Horror Story key art over the course of nine seasons. (Image: FX Networks)
Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's long-running FX horror anthology series American Horror Story celebrating the tenth anniversary of the premiere of "Murder House," we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at our rankings of the previous nine seasons and jump back into some very dangerous waters While I understand the[...]
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This Wednesday, the "Red Tide" rolls in as the first part of Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story: Double Feature officially debuts To help AHS fans with their countdown, FX & FX on Hulu's long-running horror anthology series teased is offering a listen to KPCD 666 Cape Radio's second broadcasting day Split into three[...]
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Yes! It's true! We are now less than a week away from Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 1: Red Tide), and we've had an official trailer to haunt our minds with visions of a writer struggling with writer's block, a pregnant wife going through difficult birth, a small child[...]
American Horror Stories "Game Over": Murder House Return Cast Revealed
Of course, the good news is that FX Networks and Hulu have renewed Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's American Horror Stories for a second season's worth of terror But this is "AHS-verse" so we can't leave things on a happy note (though there have been some slivers of "somewhat happily ever after" every now and[...]
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Aliens and mermaids! Mermaids versus aliens! Black pills! Area 51! Okay! You sold us, Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk! But as excited as we might be for American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 1: Red Tide) to kick off in less than two weeks, we have to admit we've been feeling a little "lacking" We[...]
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Had enough with the teaser and key art? Think it's about time you got to see the actual official trailer for American Horror Story: Double Feature? Well, so does Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk, with the news hitting social media this afternoon that the tenth season of FX's long-running horror anthology will release the big reveal[...]
Ratched star Sarah Paulson plays Cordelia in American Horror Story, courtesy of FX.
But it looks like Ryan Murphy isn't quite convinced you're as excited as you should be (actually, it's a way of celebrating the horror franchise's decade of devilishness), so he announced on Saturday that the month of August will be spent celebrating his and Brad Falchuk's long-running horror anthology As you're about to see, that's[...]
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With less than a month to go until Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story returns to FX with a 10th season "Double Feature", AHS universe fans have been slowly learning more and more about what to expect First, it's been confirmed that not only are aliens and mermaids/sirens the major players during the[...]
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If you haven't checked out the third episode of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's FX on Hulu horror anthology spinoff American Horror Stories, then you are missing out on a more-than-worthy follow-up to the two-episode season opener (that review's here, with E03 posting this weekend) Part of the reason that "Drive In" works so well[...]
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Directed by Eduardo Sánchez and written by Manny Coto, the third chapter of Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and FX on Hulu's AHS spinoff American Horror Stories (check out our review of the two-episode season opener here) finds that when someone tells you a forbidden film is forbidden for a reason? You should probably listen, and[...]