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American Horror Story Death Valley Finale: The Future's Fate Revealed

Only in the world of Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story: Double Feature "Part 2: Death Valley" could I find myself debating over who my heart bleeds for the most. President Eisenhower (Neal McDonough), who finds himself in an unwinnable position and no one around him he can fully trust? Or Cal (Nico Greetham), who went the midwife route with Troy (Isaac Cole Powell) to save his baby only for it to go "face-hugger-from-"Alien" on him in return. That leads us to next week's season finale "The Future Perfect," where Mamie Eisenhower (Sarah Paulson) takes matters into her own hands as the past & present finally come crashing together.

American Horror Story
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Now here's a look at the promo for American Horror Story: Double Feature "Part 2: Death Valley" S10E10 finale "The Future Perfect":

To give viewers a better sense of what they can expect (and to prove once again that AHS has some of the most amazing title credits going and has for ten seasons & a spinoff), FX Networks was kind enough to share a look at how each episode this season will be kicking off (after the cold open, that is). Here's a look at the opening titles/credits sequence for American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 2: Death Valley):

To help set the right mood for "Part 2: Death Valley," AHS went back in time with a broadcast from KHS News from the West, where "baby fever," flying objects, and radiation are the hot topics of the day. With anchor Raymond Burrows reporting, we have the U.S. explaining away flying objects near the California/Nevada border, questions about the government retooling radar tech into something called a "microwave oven." After a commercial for door locks, the returning report covered the sudden "boom" in recent fertility rates followed by a commercial for Theta TVs and a weather report about those "sand storms." But make sure to listen in-between for the real truth… Here's a look at that disturbing, clue-filled "blast from the past" courtesy of KHS News from the West:

With one experiment ended (for now?) and a current one that stretches back generations, here's a look at American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 2: Death Valley):

What follows are nine very cool mini-recaps, one for each of the popular series' seasons. Even with having watched all nine seasons at least once before, the following clips were a nice "refresher course" on the show's origins (and got us wanting to binge "Apocalypse"). So from "Murder House" to "1984," here's a look back at nine seasons and ten years of American Horror Story:

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