American Horror Story: Mia Farrow Passed on Pilot; Coolidge Wants In

Whether it's his early work like Nip/Tuck or his current run of eyeball-grabbing programming for Netflix (Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Mr. Harrigan's Phone, The Watcher), if you've worked with Ryan Murphy's universe, then you've either appeared in, been approached to appear in or have been asked about appearing in Murphy & Brad Falchuk's long-running horror series, American Horror Story. We found the latest evidence of that in a recent featurette posted by Netflix in support of The Watcher, where Murphy speaks with Naomi Watts, Noma Dumezweni, Mia Farrow, Margo Martindale, and Jennifer Coolidge about why viewers are attracted to the horror vibes that shows like these bring. But it wouldn't be long before the talk turned to American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Mia Farrow Passed on Pilot; Coolidge Wants In
Image: Netflix Screencap

Beginning at the 6:15 mark, Murphy reveals how he wrote a part for Farrow in the original AHS pilot, having been a fan of Farrow's work since Rosemary's Baby. And even though she wasn't taking any roles at that point, Farrow takes a minute to apologize for passing on the opportunity, saying she "regretted" the decision. From there (beginning at the 9:15 mark but more than worth letting it play through), Coolidge checks in, and that's where we learn from Murphy that they've known each other since the Nip/Tuck days. Coolidge follows that up by reminding Murphy that they filmed part of a previous AHS season at her home, before dropping a friendly ten-ton hint that she's been waiting ever since for Murphy to ask her to join AHS.

So if you're celebrating the start of a new season, one of the best ways to honor the occasion is to look back to where it all began. In this case, FX Networks released a compilation video that rounds up every single ghost from "Murder House":

And the hits just keep on rolling because FX Networks also released a compilation video of the best comebacks and call-outs from one of our favorite seasons, "Coven" (kicking off with an obvious yet well-deserved one):

Zachary Quinto (Sam), Billie Lourd (Hannah), Patti LuPone (Kathy), Isaac Cole Powell (Theo Graves), Sandra Bernhard (Fran), Charlie Carver (Adam Carpenter), Russell Tovey (Patrick Read), Leslie Grossman (Barbara Read), Denis O'Hare (Henry), Joe Mantello (Gino Barelli) are set to star. In addition, Rebecca Dayan (Alana), Nico Greetham (Dennis), Matthew Bishop (Big Daddy), Lee Aaron Rosen (Captain Ross), Kal Penn (Mac Marzara), Kyle Beltran (Morris), Sis (Dunaway), Gideon Glick, and Dot-Marie Jones star in AHS: NYC. Now here's a look at a teaser, with the next two episodes hitting the streets this Wednesday, October 26:

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