American Horror Story: NYC Star Billie Lourd Shares Pre-Finale BTS Vid

With only hours to go until the final two chapters of Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story: NYC hit our screens, we will readily admit that it's also two episodes away from being our third favorite season of the long-running horror anthology series. That's high praise considering it only loses the top spots to AHS: 1984 and AHS: Coven. Now, it's bad enough that we're getting ready to wave goodbye to another season. But that also means we've gotten our final behind-the-scenes looks from Billie Lourd (Dr. Hannah Wells) before the season wraps its run. And between vomit takes, artsy images, and a serious love for Italian Ice, we would say that the best was saved for last.

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"The final 2 episodes of #AHS11 are on tonight, so I obviously had to bless you all with this appetizing BTS vid of yours truly vomiting up a surprisingly delicious banana smoothie of sorts (I have weirdly done a lot of #vomitacting on [American Horror Story], so I'm probably gonna put it in the skills section of my resume at this point). I have also blessed yall with a super artsy blurry photo of good ol Dr. Hannah Wells living it up on a night shoot and a photo of my cast chair with a bunch of Italian ice on it (yes, I ate all of them, no you can't judge me cause you can't judge pregnant people for eating excessive amounts of Italian ice) anyways watch AHS tonight!!! And don't be too mad at me for this novel of a caption thanks have a great day I love you all thanks for supporting my bizarre Instagram presence," Lourd wrote as the caption for her behind-the-scenes look:

American Horror Story: NYC "Requiem 1981/1987" Part One & Part Two Preview

Even with Whitley's (Jeff Hiller) horrific plan having been put down for good by Patrick (Russell Tovey), it's been pretty clear for some time now that there was a different kind of danger still at play. Now, with only two episodes left to go, it looks like we're about to get some answers. But as you can tell from the titles of our final two episodes, S11E09 "Requiem 1981/1987 Part One" (directed & written by Our Lady J) and S11E10 "Requiem 1981/1987 Part Two" (directed by Jennifer Lynch and written by Ned Martel & Charlie Carver), some time-jumping is in order. In the first of our two final chapters, the health crisis worsens and takes its toll as the mystery behind Big Daddy deepens. And in our season finale, Gino (Joe Mantello) is drowning in grief and peril while a tragedy leads to a revelation for Adam (Charlie Carver). If we had to throw out some speculation, we're going with Big Daddy as a supernatural avenging being of some type, maybe similar to a "golem" or Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider (seriously). With only two episodes remaining, here's a look at the Season 11 finale trailer for FX's American Horror Story: NYC:

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