Animal Kingdom: Which Codys Could Make the Cut in Sons of Anarchy?

I'm back again with another fantasy fan mashup – this time it's Sons of Anarchy and that gem that's fallen by the wayside because they haven't released anything on season 5 yet, Animal Kingdom. Yes, I know Sons was on FX and Animal Kingdom is on TNT, but in this day and age is a little collaboration too much to ask for? Oh – it is? Well in that case, I'll just carry on wishing and dreaming. Without further ado, here's my list of how each of the Cody boys would fare as members of Charming's favorite motorcycle club.

Animal Kingdom
A look at the Cody family in Animal Kingdom (Image: TNT).

Pope, much like Tig, would absolutely be the trigger man. He's the one who would explode and start a war with the Myans or Niners all over something dumb. But now he's gone off and stabbed a guy and the entire MC has to deal with the fallout. Nice going, Pope. Hey, at least he's loyal and housebroken though.

Deran would be the sensitive one with a conscience who questions the club decisions of mayhem and stirring the pot. Much like Jax, he just wants everything to be okay and all this death to stop. The MC has enough blood on their hands, just let him get out of this life of violence and retribution and live up at the cabin with Adrian.

Craig joined the MC mostly for the brotherhood, and he's happy just to be a goon who's part of the fray. He's got beer, bikes, and the boys – what more could he possibly need out of life? Just sit back and enjoy, and try not to get caught up in any of the politics.

Meanwhile, J is the exact opposite – he sees the MC as something for him to rule. He wants nothing more than that president patch, even if he is just the newly patched in prospect. Much like a young Clay Morrow, J knows what he wants from day 1 and will do anything to get it – even stir up a lot of mayhem and pit the club against each other. It's nothing personal to him, just club business.

And of course, Baz would absolutely end up dead early on, probably because he makes the same mistakes in the MC that he did in the Cody family; he was a rat pulling all the strings in hopes that would give him power, but it just put a massive target on his back – right over the reaper.

animal kingdom
SONS OF ANARCHY — "Red Rose" — Episode 712 — Airs Tuesday, December 2, 10:00 pm e/p) — Pictured: Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller. CR: Byron Cohen/FX

And as a bonus – how would Smurf and her groovy 70s crew have fit into the first 9 and the founding of the MC? That's how the boys all came to by this MC life – Smurf and her crew were looking for support and linked up with these Easy Rider type vets and the rest is history. Gemma and Smurf would have their differences at first, but they quickly learned the life and realized the boys were really under their control. No rules, no masters, but heaven help you if you disrespect the women pulling the strings.

The shows are similar in tone and feeling, and I love them equally. They would fit well together, with both of them taking place in Southern California and being about families who have criminal intent and a moral compass all of their own lurking just beneath the surface. And no, I can't wait until season 5 of Animal Kingdom comes back. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drown my sorrows in reruns of Sons of Anarchy.

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