Animal Kingdom Season 5: Where Things Were Left & What We Want to See

So we didn't get any Animal Kingdom from TNT this summer, despite everything being lined up and squared away for the fifth season (curse you, COVID!) – but that's okay. Hopefully, they won't make us wait until next summer to get the answers we crave. It could drop in January, though that's pure speculation on my part. Regardless of when we get the new season, there's quite a bit to brush up on so we're ready. Just to be clear? "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" warning is in effect for those who haven't seen the fourth season yet.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 - What We Know
A look at key art for Animal Kingdom Season 5 (Image: TNT)

Now that it's just us heist-friends, let's get up to speed. The fourth season introduced the "groovy origins of Smurf" storyline, with flashbacks to the 1970s showing Smurf and her first crew. Of course, in present-day timeline, we saw current Smurf get killed after going ballistic and threatening to kill Pope when her scheme to get them both killed didn't pan out. I'm sure that's going to be a point of contention this season because J shot Smurf (probably for selfish reasons more than saving Pope).

Another bombshell was Deran and Adrian – he sent sweet little Adrian away to Indonesia after he got caught up in drug running for some shady guy and got jerked around by the Feds for information on the Codys. Now this is the part that really gutted me – they were supposed to leave together, but Deran decided he just couldn't leave after all and broke both of their hearts (and mine as well). I hope this season is about clearing Adrian and his being able to return to Deran's life (and our screens). I hate that a fed with an axe to grind got to ruin this guy's life just because he wouldn't spy on his boyfriend.

In some happier news, Ren and Craig are parents and I absolutely cannot wait to see how this pans out. I hope Craig will be super responsible now and settle into domestic life, but we'll have to wait and see. Considering this series' track record when it comes to parenting, things don't look good. I suppose there wouldn't be much of a show if they all retired and lived happy little lives, though. Angela looks to be sticking around for at least part of the fifth season along with the fourth season's "flashback" crew. I'm sure bad ideas will be plentiful, but maybe there's room for Angela and Pope to be less annoying? Ah, dare to dream! I can't wait to tune in to watch how J handles inheriting Smurf's throne and the responsibilities of her surfside criminal empire.

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