Big Brother Season 23 Episode 2 Recap: Frenchie's HOH Plan Falls Flat

The competition is getting hot over at CBS' Big Brother house, but Frenchie's got this right? Right?!? It appears that things have gotten complicated for the first HOH (head of household), Frenchie, and from this point going forward you are warned of spoilers…it's a recap, what else is there to say but that. Anyways, back to the bonkers episode that premiered the other night on CBS. The houseguests could be seen exploring their temporary reality TV digs, and that includes the horrid "Have-nots" room will slop bucket accommodations and bedding resembling leftover parts from a boat shack at the beach (fun but old looking jet ski included). It was sad, but the "Kings" can hopefully handle a week of it. On the other hand, we got to see the incredible HOH room upstairs with colorful bedding and a mid-century modern-style mini-fridge that I now desperately want in my own home.

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Besides the unique and fun living situation, things went from casual to tense real fast in the Big Brother house. Frenchie made his goals known to the audience in his interview, he's all game and not for the socializing that could get him tripped up. As for who he planned to nominate, he referred to a certain population he looked towards as the "meatheads", specifically Christian, Xavier, Travis, and Brent. In a twist, Brent's discussion with Frenchie and general heart-to-heart in the HOH room got him off that list fast. People went about introducing themselves further, with Sarah being someone to lie first outwardly lie about their profession, stating she's a voice actor instead of her actual profession in forensic science. Interesting Sarah, I don't understand fully the approach but at least you've got a plan…if that is a plan?

Nominations were fast approaching on Big Brother but first would come to the Wild Card Competition that would ensure the safety of someone from being on the chopping block.  Frenchie's team, since being safe, would not have to participate, but the other teams had to send one of their own into battle. The Kings sent Christian (which deeply upset Frenchie), the Queens sent Kyland, and the Aces sent Hannah. The game revolved around a time-limited scenario where a player entered a set of rooms that were trashed by a party, in these piles they had to find a set of keys, a wallet, and a phone under five minutes. The big twist to it all came from a sound limit as well, with a deduction (more points added) to the score based on how much noise was made by the player. From empty cans, to pool noodles, marbles in a sink, and more made that incredibly difficult. Sadly, for Frenchie at least, Christian came out on top with the lowest score and under the five minutes. A benefit for Christian came in the form of a wheel he could spin to land on a number to save a fellow team member from nomination. By landing on "1", he went with keeping Xavier safe, yet another notch in Frenchie's plan.

Frenchie had to come to terms with the undoing of his original plan, one that included the concept of not nominating any women in the first week. Freaking out some of the houseguests through his continued pacing around the rooms and listening in/observing, Frenchie got people nervous and talking. If he couldn't go after Christian, he'd go after the potential showmance partner of the "meathead", that being Alyssa. The lack of truthfulness could have made the eventual nomination less of a surprise, but then again not everyone is that aware of their actions in the Big Brother house. In the end, Frenchie nominated two very surprised individuals, Kyland& Alyssa, turning his back on a no-women nominated promise. With everyone confused, Frenchie left a vague explanation for his nominations as the episode came to an end. The Veto competition, which could help Kyland or Alyssa, airs on Wednesday, with the elimination ceremony the very next night, Thursday, both at 8 pm EST. Let us know in the comments what you think about Frenchie's nominations and who you hope goes home first!

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