Britt's TV Corner: WOWPresents & More YouTube Channels Need Your Love

YouTube. An icon, a legend, and also a bit of a hot mess at times. Though there are some questionable channels on YouTube, some more concerning than others ( I'm looking at you "men's rights" channels that go on odd rants and don't know how graphics work). But what can be excellent about searching and subscribing, is finding those few channels that make you excited when you see a new video has been uploaded or a series of videos continued. Below are five favorite "Britt's TV Corner" YouTube channels, some more recognized and others not as much, that deserve more love and attention: Sarah Schauer, Um, Actually, Fundie Fridays, Cut, and WOWPresents.

Britts TV Corner
Britt's TV Corner – Trixie (left) and Katya (right). Source: WOWPresents YouTube Channel

"Sarah Schauer": Real, honest, and incredibly funny are only a few of the ways I can describe Sarah and her channel. From looking at disturbing Zillow listings to exploring the depth of social media, especially Tik Tok, her videos are some comedic gold.

"Um, Actually": From the minds of those at College Humor, imagine being able to correct a statement about your favorite topic or lore, now make that a game show and that's what we get with this channel. They even now have a campaign going to make the game available as a tabletop!

"Fundie Fridays": For those with the religious deconstruction going on (hey there trauma, are you good?) or just interested in learning anything about extreme fundamentalist organizations, odd groups and more, this channel is a safe space to do so and watch makeup get done at the same time.

"Cut": Parents and children, former partners, and more take part in answering questions, playing games like Truth or Drink, and more as a way of getting to some places we don't always see people get to. For anyone who observes a lot or is interested in social experiments, this channel is for you.

"WOWPresents": From announcing information on RuPaul's Drag Race to exclusive chats between drag queens, this channel is a favorite particularly for their series, UNHhhh, a whole experience between Trixie Mattel and Katya that is wild and one of the funniest things out there.

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