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First, all of the previous audio podcasts also now have a home on YouTube (which you can check out & subscribe to here) Starting on Monday, January 24, viewers will also be able to watch the full-contact podcast when the video series gets underway (more on that in a minute). Image: Screencap Now here's a look at[...]
I love him not only for his acting but also for the way he leads his life, well, and for not being a total d-bag that he could have easily been. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Nick Offerman Surprises Kelly With A Handmade Ukulele Serenade ( Rhett & Link ( from YouTube's "Good Mythical[...]
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Iconic & Odd YouTube Channel Hints Return
Get ready to be terrified by characters made of the uneasy textile known as felt & existential crisis, because Don't Hug Me I'm Scared might just be returning with more content for their YouTube channel TikTok has been the recent hub of talk and discussion of the series thanks to one individual slowly teasing fans[...]
Minecraft Reaches One-Trillion Views On YouTube
YouTube and Mojang have announced a special milestone today for Minecraft as the game has reached one-trillion views on the platform The game has constantly been one of the top viewership titles ever since it was launched, and to this day continues to be a chart-topper as it was both the top game and top[...]
Ghost Files: The Ghoul Boys of Watcher Tease Spooky New Series
Coming to terms with the grief that is saying goodbye to some online content, no one except those over at Watcher Entertainment could have guessed what would debut on the 8th of this month. Source: Watcher/ YouTube I witnessed the news through TikTok, where I've been known to endlessly scroll and emit what could be called "laugh[...]
PUBG Mobile Partners With YouTube Premium For In-Game Rewards
In what is clearly a promotional move for YouTube Premium, they have joined forces with PUBG Mobile for some in-game rewards To say that YouTube is pushing hard on the Premium promotion is a bit of an understatement as you can't go more than two videos without an offer popping up in the lower-left corner[...]
Dear SNL, Always Include 'Please Don't Destroy' Sketches From Now On
I honestly couldn't care less about who hosted, but I did care that a show I love to watch was boosting their comedic prowess with absurdity. Please Don't Destroy – Source: YouTube/ SNL Not since having the height of comedy's transition into the digital age with Lonely Island, have I seen such a unique comedic presence outside[...]
YouTube Slime Queen, Karina Garcia, Creates Graphic Novel, Slime Shop
Slime Shop, is a new a middle-grade graphic novel by YouTube slime queen Karina Garcia, writer Kevin Panetta and artist Niki Smith Slime Shop tells the story of Bailey, her sister Sophia, and their friend Jayden run a slime shop out of Bailey's bedroom But what Bailey doesn't know is that when she's not around, the[...]
Britt's TV Corner: Five YouTube Channels That Deserve More Love
YouTube An icon, a legend, and also a bit of a hot mess at times Though there are some questionable channels on YouTube, some more concerning than others ( I'm looking at you "men's rights" channels that go on odd rants and don't know how graphics work) But what can be excellent about searching and[...]
Conan O'Brien Had The Best Late Night Segments: Here's Our Top 10
The goofy and absurd commentary is hilarious, making many remotes and segments from Conan on TBS so loved and re-watched. Source: YouTube Playing the part of the fool and making situations lighter and funnier is what makes it so easy to laugh at these time and time again Nowadays he works on his podcast, Conan O'Brien Needs a[...]
BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural Starts Its Last Season In A Week
The series debuted on YouTube back in 2016, with them also having another series by Madej and Bergara, BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime, that had its final season this past summer. Source: BuzzFeed/YouTube From the impressions of a Mothman call by Shane…which will stick in my head forever (I'll post a clip down below) to the visits to haunted[...]
Did Puppet History Just Kill Off a Main Character in Season 4 Finale?
Welcome one and all fans of one of YouTube's most popular shows, Puppet History, which may have just made their own history with a Season 4 cliffhanger finale comparable to Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Best of Both Worlds" and The Simpsons "Who Shot Mr Burns?" The episode, "The Demonic Possessions of Loudun" covers the[...]
I Just Won A Spawn Sketch By Ryan Stegman - Was It Fixed?
And during the live stream, Donny Cates thought it would be really funny if I won one of them as no one would believe it wasn't rigged. My Ryan Stegman Spawn sketch from YouTube Well, I just won one of them A Ryan Stegman sketch of Spawn Now, normally I would give it away, or suggest they[...]
The creative minds behind The Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai originally signed in early 2019 just as their hit series was announced a season three renewal for YouTube With their deal under Sony TV, Cobra Kai expanded its popularity under a new home for Netflix for season three instead. Cr CURTIS BONDS BAKER/NETFLIX © 2020 Under[...]