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Britt's TV Corner: Five YouTube Channels That Deserve More Love
Though there are some questionable channels on YouTube, some more concerning than others ( I'm looking at you "men's rights" channels that go on odd rants and don't know how graphics work) But what can be excellent about searching and subscribing, is finding those few channels that make you excited when you see a new[...]
3 DIY YouTube Channels To Help You Embrace Your Crafting Side
One fantastic place to turn to for DIY inspiration, from crafts to interior design, is YouTube creators and channels centered on the topic Nowadays, there are plenty of channels to choose from on the popular platform It's easy to get frustrated with budget constraints and the feeling of guilt (if not donating an item) of[...]
Starz, Altice USA Keep 2018 Resolution to Offer Customers Less
At the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2018, Starz and Encore channels were stripped away from Altice's 4.9 million subscribers in the New York area as well as in several Midwestern states. Altice argues that Starz is looking for a rate hike level that would force them to charge subscribers more than what Starz's stand-alone[...]