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Britt's TV Corner: Five YouTube Channels That Deserve More Love
Brittany Broski) | Sarah Schauer ( "Um, Actually": From the minds of those at College Humor, imagine being able to correct a statement about your favorite topic or lore, now make that a game show and that's what we get with this channel They even now have a campaign going to make the game available as[...]
Werewolves Within Dir Josh Ruben on Film’s Coen Brothers-Inspiration
Werewolves Within director Josh Ruben came a long way since his College Humor days In fact, going behind the camera was the last thing on his mind as a comedic actor Now, he's glad to turn this venture into something more, adapting the Ubisoft video game to the big screen I spoke to Ruben about[...]
Dimension 20 Announces The Unsleeping City Season Two
College Humor and DROPOUT revealed today that Dimension 20 is coming back for season two of The Unsleeping City A return to one of the most popular campaigns they've done since launching the tabletop RPG series, it appears the crew for this particular story has been called back to defend a fantasy version of NYC[...]
Are You Ready For Facebook TV Shows In the Tradition Of House Of Cards And Scandal?
As for the lower tier, Facebook is looking for production budgets that fall somewhere between TV and digital shows, similar to the shows on Verizon's go90 service, one person said. Sounds pretty good, but then you also remember Facebook billionaire board member Peter Thiel's political controversies of the past year, and that Oculus (now owned by[...]
Late Night Fun – Cantina Band Audtions
College Humor got into the May The Fourth celebration with this video showing the auditioning of a new band member for the Star Wars Cantina Band. Featuring in order Chris Daughtry, Ben Folds, Liz Phair, Reggie Watts, Mark McGrath, Jordin Sparks, Rick Springfield, Weird Al, Lisa Loeb, and mc chris. Though I'm surprised they didn't go with[...]