Conflicting Tessa Blanchard AEW Rumors Create Dirt Sheet Paradox

Two wrestling dirt sheets competing for clicks on gossip about former Impact Wrestling World Champion Tessa Blanchard may have created a paradox that could swallow the universe and end reality as we know it. The trouble began when Dave Meltzer wrote in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that AEW was not interesting in signing Tessa Blanchard.

Regarding Tessa Blanchard, who has still not surfaced anywhere since being released by Impact and only wrestled once since the pandemic started, which was a loss to Kylie Rae on Warrior Wrestling, as things stand right now, this is not going to be her destination. Based on what we were told, when her name came up, the feeling was that while nobody will deny her talent and from that standpoint they know she'd be very valuable, especially with the nature of their women's division, the decision was made to not pursue her.

Tessa Blanchard wrestles for Impact Wrestling
Tessa Blanchard wrestles for Impact Wrestling.

But competing dirt sheet Wrestling Inc. contradicted Meltzer's report, writing that Blanchard is simply busy celebrating her marriage in Mexico to entertain offers yet.

Since her release, there has been speculative reporting that All Elite Wrestling has no interest in signing Tessa due to the allegations from earlier this year with some going so far as to say that the AEW women's roster did not want Tessa as part of the AEW locker room. Wrestling Inc. can confirm that this reporting is not true and there is interest from both WWE and AEW in signing the third generation wrestler.

From what we have heard, the reason Tessa has not signed with either company is because she is still celebrating her recent marriage to fellow wrestler DAGA. The two are currently residing in Mexico while they are waiting out the pandemic before making any further moves. Once the pandemic winds down, or gets more under control, the two will be moving back to the states and she is expected to choose which promotion to sign with.

"This is really, really bad," said acclaimed Quantum Wrestlologist Professor Thaddeus T. Puffinbottoms. "If one of these dirt sheets doesn't back down soon, they could end up creating two separate Tessa Blanchard timelines, a sort of Schrödinger's AEW contract for Tessa Blanchard where she is both signed and not signed by the company at the same time."

"The universe will try to correct itself," Puffinbottoms warned us,  "but if these dirt sheets continue to push back against the fabric of reality, they could cause a permanent rift that could cause the end of all reality." According to Puffinbottoms, the only to prevent that happening is for one of the dirt sheets to admit they're making everything up for clicks or for Blanchard to quickly sign with a wrestling promotion before things get out of hand.

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