Gangs of London Series 2 Set for 2022; Teaser, Images Released

Gangs of London, the violence-and-angst-fueled gangster cult drama loosely adapted from the Sony Playstation Vita game, has a second season coming to AMC+ two years after its first season.

Gangs of London
"Gangs of London", image: AMC+

AMC+ today released a teaser trailer for season two of Gangs of London, which returns later this year. Ex-undercover cop, Elliot Finch (Sope Dirisu), sets the scene for the twists, turns, and exhilarating action sequences: "I've seen things you haven't. You know how it feels to be powerless, to be a pawn in someone else's game – the things it makes you do. What does it feel like to be a king?"

One year after the death of Sean Wallace and the violent reckonings of season one, the map and soul of London has been redrawn. The surviving Wallaces are scattered, the Dumanis broken and estranged, and ex-undercover cop Elliot Finch is now being forced to work for the Investors. As the Investors look down on a city sliding into chaos they decide enough is enough and bring in reinforcements to restore control. Old favorites and new players fight back against the new order, forcing sworn enemies to work together and family members to betray each other. Who will win the battle for London's soul?

Gangs of London
"Gangs of London" still: AMC+

Season two will see the return of Sope Dirisu, Paapa Essiedu, Lucian Msamati, Michelle Fairley, Orli Shuka, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Brian Vernel, Narges Rashidi, Asif Raza, and Valene Kane. Joining the ensemble cast include Waleed Zuaiter (Baghdad Central, The Spy) as Koba, French rapper Jasmine Armando in her first TV role as Saba, Fady El-Sayed (Baghdad Central, A Private War) as Faz, Salem Kali (Un Prophète, Dealer) as Basem and Aymen Hamdouchi (SAS: Red Notice, Criminal: UK) as Hakim.

Gangs of London
"Gangs of London" still: AMC+

The award-winning series is created by Gareth Evans and his creative partner Matt FlanneryGangs of London is a Pulse Films production in association with SISTER for Sky Studios and AMC. Evans and his fellow action directors are well aware that viewers are here for the copious violence, with homages to Sam Peckinpah, John Woo, and cult Hong Kong & Italian filmmakers. The gangster angst is just the spice on the curry. After all, greed, business, and rage are there to drive the fights and ridiculously epic gun battles that rage all over the show's London without the police ever showing up. If you love this sort of thing, then this show is the sort of thing you love.

Gangs of London is streaming on AMC+.

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