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Gangs of London Director Xavier Gens on Handling Season One Climax
I spoke with the French director about his work on the drama series Gangs of London about his role to deliver the mob war between two family crime syndicates the Wallaces and the Dumani in the climax of the first season from creators Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery. Image courtesy of RLJE Films / AMC+ How Xavier[...]
Gangs of London S01E01 Part 2 Preview: Sean's Not Interested in Peace
After last week's explosive incidents caused tidal waves across London's murky underworld and lighting a fuse that could set the entire city ablaze, AMC's Gangs of London takes a slight pause this week to allow the Wallace family to pay their last respects to Finn (Colm Meaney)- and for Sean (Joe Cole) to turn over[...]
Gangs Of London: The Raid's Gareth Evans Sets Series For Cinemax, Sky
Director Gareth Evans (The Raid) is set to tear apart the means streets of contemporary London with his latest project, gangland drama series Gangs of London (working title) Set to launch in 2019 on HBO's Cinemax and Sky Atlantic, Evans and Matt Flannery (Downton Abbey) are set to direct the series and will also handle scriptwriting,[...]