It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Should Cut Dee Some Slack

Now that the U.S. Presidential is over (yes, it is) and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are set to take The White House in January, we can actually take a breather and get back to appreciating FXX/FX on Hulu's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And why shouldn't we? When you're about to take the title for longest-running U.S. sitcom in television history, you've earned a little appreciation time. Though we're not quite sure the latest clip released by the cable network is so much a show of appreciation as it is an indictment- or a warning?

Always Sunny
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia | Dee-vious | FXX

In the video below, viewers can a chance to reflect on all of the "Dee-vious" (hey, it was FXX's joke first) ways Kaitlin Olson's on-screen persona left them questioning if Dennis is (Glenn Howerton) really the Reynolds we should be locking our doors at night over. For example, the ease at which she had already thought past knocking off Dennis and Frank (Danny DeVito) to get her dearly-departed mother's money? Yeah, a little disturbing:

But then we started feeling bad… in a way, almost a little defensively protective of our "Sweet Dee." If you had to grow up with Nazi summer camps and a brother who may or may not be a sociopathic killer (whose only thread with reality is Paddy's), you might end up with some… shall we say, traits that don't actually clear a moral high bar (or middle bar… or low bar). Just take a look at some of the hardships Dee has gone through…

Yet through it all… for one brief, shining, five-minute-set moment, Dee found her voice on stage- fighting through the pain, the hardship, and the drive-heaves to impress even Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day), and Frank (Danny DeVito). Well… as we said, it was a brief moment…

But is that really any surprise? For years now, Dee Reynolds has proven herself a true chameleon when it comes to taking on new personas. Her ability to imitate others is truly amazing (and occasionally amazingly racist), and her improv skills are beyond reproach. Who else but Dee would think of adding a zombie that can talk to a film about the Serbian genocide? Exactly. But if any of you out there are awards nominations committee members looking for more proof, then we proudly offer the following collection "For Your Consideration":

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