Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Returns for Angelina-Centric Season

In the rightful absence of Ron following his most recent domestic violence arrest, Angelina has been carrying Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. That doesn't look to be set to change much following the season premiere — sorry, half-season premiere. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 Episode 13: "Livin' La Vida Loca" set up the main drama for this most recent round of filming: Angelina's divorce from husband Chris. But never one to shy away from the spotlight, The Situation looks to resume his role as instigator in airing out all of Angelina's drama in the upcoming season.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Returns for Angelina-Centric Season
The Situation examines photos of Angelina in Mexico [Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Screencap]
Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, happy to be back on the Jerzday beat here on Bleeding Cool because, frankly, I haven't had a lot to do lately. Normally, I spend my time plotting the destruction of America, but I have to admit, amigos, you seem to be doing a great job of that all on your own these days. Haw haw haw haw! But seriously, props to your Supreme Court. If you ever want to visit another banana republic and trade notes, give me a call, comrade justices!

But back to the matter at hand. This episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was, like many in recent memory, very Mike and Angelina focused. We saw Make and Lauren plan and host their child's baptism, and of course, they got back into their wedding dress and tux, as normal people do for baptisms. Mike also dyed his hair blond with the help of Pauly D and Vinny, the latter of whom, by the way, has moved back to the East Coast, living in Tribecca with his dog. As Vinny pointed out, the new do equipped The Sitch with a new catchphrase for his limited repertoire, as cameras caught him saying "blonds have more fun" more than half a dozen times on the day of the baptism.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Returns for Angelina-Centric Season
See above. [Jersey Shore Family Vacation screencap]
But the real meat of the episode surrounded Angelina's looming divorce, as she spent the first part of the episode absent as she filmed a season of All-Star Shore in Spain. There, she met Luis Caballero, a star of Super Shore and Aculpulco Shore, who she agreed to meet up with in Mexico during the second half of the episode. It was Deena who, discovering that photos of Angelina and Luis sent to Mike was not from the filming in Spain, but rather from Cancun, set up the Angelina cheating drama that will drive the rest of the season forward.

The teaser for the remainder of the season showed the cast at each others' throats, with J-Woww, in particular, appearing both enraged and victimized in various clips. Even Nikki, who has been on her best behavior since making the jump from Double Shot at Love to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, finally feels comfortable enough to let the crazy out a little bit, as she is seen getting into a wine-throwing fight with Angelina in one of the most featured clips of the teaser. But the best part… as the trailer notes, the guidos have been set free and are finally interacting with the public again in a post-pandemic world!

It's funny that so many of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast members have been so mean to Angelina over the years, but she's the only one (sans the absent Ronnie) willing to air out all her dirty — no, filthy — laundry, and thus the primary source of compelling storylines on the show, as the other cast members have become too savvy and reluctant to look bad on camera. That Angelina was the only Jersey Shore cast member invited to film Super Shore must have been an ego blow. But I'm not complaining, comrades! Angelina's total mess of a life makes for entertaining trash TV, and that's why we're all watching, comrades! Until next time: socialism or death!

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