Big Potato Releases MTV: The Throwback Music Party Game

Big Potato Releases MTV: The Throwback Music Party Game

Big Potato has revealed a brand new board game this week for music video fans with MTV: The Throwback Music Party Game The game is pretty much a trivia game based around the first music network, with all of the questions actually pertaining to when MTV aired music videos 24/7 Remember those days? Because we're[...]

Nick Cannon Says ViacomCBS Swindled Him Demands Show Back Apology

Nick Cannon Says ViacomCBS "Swindled" Him; Demands Show Back, Apology

Less than a day after Nick Cannon (VH1's Wild 'n Out, FOX's The Masked Singer) was fired by ViacomCBS over what it called "hateful speech and… anti-Semitic conspiracy theories," Cannon is clearly no longer in the reflective mood demonstrated in a previous social media post on the comments in question. Taking to Facebook Wednesday morning, Cannon […]

Clone High: Phil Lord Chris Miller Bill Lawrence Series Sets Return

Clone High: Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Bill Lawrence Series Sets Return

MTV Studios continues making waves in the animation world, announcing on Friday a deal with original series creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse) and Bill Lawrence (Scrubs) for a re-imaging of their 2002 television series Clone High Original series writer Erica Rivinoja will serve as showrunner, and write the pilot with Lord and[...]

Beavis and Butt-Head: Mike Judge Comedy Central Announce Duos Return

Beavis and Butt-Head: Mike Judge, Comedy Central Announce Duo's Return

For Judge, today's current environment feels like the perfect environment for the duo's return: "It seemed like the time was right to get stupid again."[caption id="attachment_599366" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Beavis and Butt-Head (Image: MTV Studios)[/caption]Chris McCarthy, president of Entertainment & Youth Group at ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, is excited for the company to be working with[...]

Jodie: Animated Daria Spinoff Series Finds Home at Comedy Central

Jodie: Animated Daria Spinoff Series Finds Home at Comedy Central

The project marks the first MTV Studios series for Comedy Central since the two joined under the ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Group overseen by Chris McCarthy. MTV Studio’s Trevor Rose, Morgana Rosenberg, and Amy Doyle will executive produce.[caption id="attachment_1046432" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Daria spinoff Jodie is coming to Comedy Central (Images: ABC Studios/MTV Studios)[/caption]Centered around fan-favorite and[...]

Jersey Shore Star Vinny Guadagnino Falls for MSNBC World War Z Hoax

Jersey Shore Star Vinny Guadagnino Falls for MSNBC World War Z Hoax

#linkinbio."[caption id="attachment_1215235" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino attend the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018, in New York Editorial credit: JStone /[/caption]However, in a shocking twist, it turns out Guadagnino, who, in addition to his career as a reality TV star on Jersey Shore and[...]

Teen Wolf Series Cast Crew Set for MTV Reunions Premiere

Teen Wolf Series Cast, Crew Set for MTV Reunions Premiere

Now MTV decided to take the idea and create a television series called MTV Reunions For its premiere episode, the cast and crew of Teen Wolf, the TV series set to commemorate its ninth anniversary Hosted by network newscaster Josh Horowitz, the series will air on the MTV YouTube channel.The premiere will benefit the First[...]

Punkd: Chance the Rapper Quibi Prank Series Trailer Debuts

"Punk'd": Chance the Rapper, Quibi Prank Series Trailer Debuts

When Quibi debuts next week, its reboot of MTV mainstay Punk'd will be along for the ride - with Grammy-winner Chance the Rapper taking over the role of host/"prank ringmaster" from Ashton Kutcher. Premiering April 6 and set up as a series of 10-minute episodes, the short-form digital content service released an official trailer for the MTV[...]

Singled Out: Quibi MTV Studios Unveil Dating Series Reboot Trailer

"Singled Out": Quibi, MTV Studios Unveil Dating Series Reboot Trailer

When Quibi steps out onto the television/streaming stage on April 6, it does so with a nice cross-section of both original content as well as reboots/reimaginings - and one of the latter that we're looking forward is MTV Studios' 2020 take on Singled Out.Gone are Chris Hardwick and Jenny McCarthy, and in their places are[...]

Daria: Why MTVs Animated Game-Changer Still Matters [WEEKEND REWATCH]

"Daria": Why MTV's Animated Game-Changer Still Matters [WEEKEND REWATCH]

There's a good chance that if you were old enough to remember watching MTV in the 1990's, you remember Daria And there's an even better chance you've seen the show - if you were ever an edgy, apathetic teen.And if you're not familiar, it's on Hulu, so go educate yourself in some premium grade 90s[...]

Punkd: Quibi Releases Teaser for Chance the Rapper-Hosted Prank Show Reboot [PREVIEW]

"Punk'd": Quibi Releases Teaser for Chance the Rapper-Hosted Prank Show Reboot [PREVIEW]

On Friday, the pair took the stage to let the media and attendees know more about the service - and brought along some powerful names, announcements, and series reveals to offer just a sample of just some of programming still to come when the series debuts on April 6th.[caption id="attachment_1152458" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Quibi[/caption]One of those[...]

Funko Weekly Roundup (August 11 &#8211 18 2019)

Funko Weekly Roundup (August 11 – 18, 2019)

Lastly, we have some new Ad Icons Pops! First is a pretty great designed one the MTV Moon Person and then we get two of the greats Albert Einstein and Edgar Allen Poe and Poe is a Books-A-Million exclusive.Check them out below and lock down your preorders here.Pop! PEZ—Care Bears Bring a burst of cuteness to your[...]

Ron Howard Says The Dark Tower Film Should Have Been Horror

Ron Howard Says 'The Dark Tower' Film "Should Have Been Horror"

The Dark Tower, a rare Stephen King-adapted misfire, was shunned by critics and audiences alike upon its theatrical release in 2017 and producer Ron Howard has some ideas to why.While promoting his latest documentary Pavarotti, Howard spoke to MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast about the changes made in the film adaptation from King’s popular series. “I[...]

Celebrity Deathmatch: MTV Studios Ice Cube to Reboot 90s Claymation Favorite

Celebrity Deathmatch: MTV Studios, Ice Cube to Reboot 90's Claymation Favorite

MTV Studios is traveling back in time to the glorious claymation days of ‘90s MTV, with a reboot of their smack-down phenomenon Celebrity Deathmatch, with executive producer Ice Cube set to star. MTV Studios is planning to shop the project as a weekly series to various networks and streaming services The studio is also planning to develop Daria, Undressed,[...]

The Real World: MTV Brings Reality Show Reboot to Facebook Watch

The Real World: MTV Brings Reality Show Reboot to Facebook Watch

[caption id="attachment_932720" align="aligncenter" width="516"] MTV Studios[/caption]Following up reports from earlier this summer that the music/pop culture channel was rebooting their long-running, popular reality show franchise, MTV Studios and Bunim-Murray Productions are taking The Real World to Facebook Watch. “The Real World made history as the world’s first original reality show and trailblazing social experiment – and[...]

MTV Studios to Develop Daria The Real World and Aeon Flux Revivals More

MTV Studios to Develop Daria, The Real World, and Aeon Flux Revivals; More

MTV: it's not just for MTV anymore - with the music/pop culture channel launching MTV Studios with the goal of producing original programming content for other networks, services, etc Fousing on a combination of reboots/revivals/spin-offs from their own catalog of titles with original, predominantly unscripted, MTV is offering an inital programming slate that includes a new[...]

The 2018 MTV Movie &#038 TV Awards Complete Winners List

The 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards Complete Winner's List

The 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards aired tonight across the various music television channels, and we thought maybe you'd like to know who took home the popcorn bucket statue Actress Tiffany Haddish hosted this year, and the non-gender categories (best performer rather than actor or actress) had nominees across cable, streaming services, and traditional[...]