Lost Ollie: Shannon Tindle, Peter Ramsey Set Netflix Live-Action Adapt

Shannon Tindle (Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings) and director Peter Ramsey (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) are teaming up with Netflix for the live-action family series Lost Ollie. Based on William Joyce's book Ollie's Odyssey, the four-part series follows a lost toy that begins a journey across the countryside for the boy who lost him, and the story of the boy who lost more than a best friend when he lost Ollie. Shawn Levy and Josh Barry from Stranger Things producer 21 Laps Entertainment are set to executive produce, with Emily Morris serving as co-executive producer. Brandon Oldenburg, CCO of Flight School Studio & Lampton Enochs will also serve as executive producer with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) creating CGI characters for the series.

Here's a look at a test image of Ollie from Industrial Light & Magic, followed by a personal perspective from Teddy Biaselli, Director, YA and Family Series at Netflix, who originally bought the project and has been working on it for four years:

Lost Ollie first-look from Netflix (Image: Netflix)
Lost Ollie first-look from Netflix (Image: Netflix)

"I've been a toy collector my entire life. My personal collection consists of thousands of toys, some modern and sleek, and others vintage and worn from all the adventures I took them on as a kid. And though time has taken its toll, I have held onto them because of the special place they hold in my heart. We've all had a toy like that – a confidant, a protector, a sidekick, a best friend. And when we've lost a toy…it's like we've lost a part of ourselves.

That's the premise of Lost Ollie, the tale of a lost toy searching across the countryside for the boy who lost him, and the story of the boy who lost more than a best friend. This new live-action family series has been in the works for four years. It was one of the first projects I bought when I came to Netflix because I saw in it the universal story of loss that all of us, no matter how old, could relate to."

"Lost Ollie is truly an odyssey about two friends trying to reunite in the face of all the dangers that childhood can throw at them. I love this show because it taps into that well of emotion we all feel when we lose something or someone important to us, and the courage we have to find in ourselves to get it back, or to move on.

I can't wait for you to meet Ollie and to fall in love with him like we have. And until then, give your favorite toy an extra squeeze for me."

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