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Aquaman Returns to McFarlane Toys Newest DC Comics JLA Wave
DC Comics fans did not have this version of the Man of Steel for long, but it was a memorable one for many fans, and now Superman is back to riding the lighting. McFarlane Toys has revealed a brand new DC Comics Build-A-Figure wave is on the way and is based on the 97-06' JLA comic[...]
Bakugan: New Anime Series Premieres on Netflix, Disney XD in September
Alongside the series' fresh aesthetic, characters, and storyline, fans will be able to immerse in the brawling action with a new spin on Bakugan toys  – engineered for great battling action. Key art: Spin Master Corp., via Netflix In the exciting new season, the VESTROIAN galaxy is made up of six planets, each home to a different species of Bakugan[...]
Lightyear: Pixar Fest 2022 Goes To Space In Buzz Lightyear Gear
Disney's Pixar Fest 2022 is lifting off into infinity & beyond with Lightyear products such as toys, costumes, backpacks, and more Pixar Fest is an annual month-long celebration of all things Pixar, consisting of weekly activities and watch parties, digital activations and sweepstakes, and new product announcements for Cars On The Road, Lightyear, The Incredibles and Coco. Happy Hugs Teddy[...]
Discovery's Rooster Teeth Studios for an adult animated series inspired by McFarlane Toys' RAW10 action figures Spotlighting a group of cybernetically enhanced animals, Dan Dominguez's (GEN: Lock) animated series take will be "an R-rated Saturday morning cartoon for adults that, through the lens of the toyline, will satirically explore the tropes of '80s-era animation." With[...]
Lost Ollie first-look from Netflix (Image: Netflix)
My personal collection consists of thousands of toys, some modern and sleek, and others vintage and worn from all the adventures I took them on as a kid And though time has taken its toll, I have held onto them because of the special place they hold in my heart We've all had a toy[...]
Toys Collectors: How Do You Display Your Collections?
Well, then what? The age-old question: how do YOU display your toys and figures? We all know that buying the toys themselves is pretty expensive, but what about the display? How much money do you put into it? #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see[...]
Hasbro Announces The First Ever Hasbro Pulse Con
However, it looks like Hasbro is bringing the toys to the fans with their first ever Hasbro Pulse Con 2020 This convention will be covered on HasbroPulse for two days starting on September 25th and going until the 26th The following is the official press release for the Pulse Con: "Hasbro, today announced the first-ever Hasbro[...]
Hasbro Announces Star Wars Changes Including Mark Boudreax Retirement 
You might not know Mark but he has been in the Star Wars industry for 43 years making some of the best Star Wars toys we know The legend of Mark Boudreaux is something iconic and every Star Wars toy collector can bid farewell to a true legend Some of his masterpieces included some of[...]
"Magic: The Gathering" Nominated for "Toy Hall of Fame"
The Strong Museum of Play, located in Rochester, New York, boasts one of the largest single collection of toys and games in the world They are also home to the Toy Hall of Fame, where the most renowned and popular games and toys from across history are noted for posterity. Magic: the Gathering, a collectible trading[...]
King Kong Stands his Ground with New Star Ace Toys Statue 
They are set for release late February 2020 and preorders and located here. From Star Ace Toys In the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island, a group of explorers visit an uncharted island in the Pacific and battle terrifying monsters including the 100-foot-tall guardian of the island – Kong This soft vinyl statue stands 12.6 inches tall[...]
Hot Toys Shows Final Product for Justice League Batman
Hot Toys is known for high-grade action figures and this time they bring us the Bat. Justice Leagueisn't the best superhero film out there but Ben Affleck did a perfect job playing Bruce Wayne/Batman His playboy personality made a great Bruce Wayne and his Batman was older and darker then we have seen before[...]
Assassins Creed Rogue gets the Collectible Treatment by DAMTOYS
While PS4 was living strong and proud with its new launch in November 2014. This new DAMTOYS figure can put the light back on the Assassin and Templar feud Shay comes with an amazingly detailed head sculpt, the cloths are fabric and he comes loaded with a crazy assortment of accessories First, he has 11 interchangeable[...]
Joker Xenomorph Becomes a NYCC 2019 Exclusive from NECA
This originality does give me a throwback to all the toys to come out in the 90's – like the random crossover Alien animal series or the Jurassic Park Chaos Theory The Joker alien alone is the perfect convention exclusive, it shows off a unique idea that would be badass to own or even be[...]
[Op-Ed] Is Removing Plastic Packaging the End of Hasbro Collectibles?
This will easily change the toys we love to collect The following is a exert from Hasbro President on the new changes: "We'll do it in a number of different ways, from redesigning packages, to just taking out the plastic, in some cases replacing it with another material With things like poly bags and elastic bands[...]
Tariffs on Video and Table-Top Games Held at Bay... For Now
The United States was close to implementing a 25% tariff on "List 4 Goods", which would have slapped $300 Billion in tariffs on select table top games, accessories, toys, video game consoles, and other goods, per the Wall Street Journal. The tariffs that the Trump administration has been leveraging against trade partners has been largely ineffective,[...]