Night Court Guest Stars, OG Cast; Harry Anderson's Daughter Supportive

Eva Fay Anderson, the late Harry Anderson's daughter, supports NBC's new Night Court. Plus, upcoming guest stars and if OG cast will appear.

With only days to go until series star & EP Melissa Rauch, co-star/EP John Larroquette & writer/EP Dan Rubin's updated continuation of Reinhold Weege's classic popular sitcom Night Court hits our screens, we have some updates on the sequel series to pass along courtesy of today's Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press event. First up, we learned that some guest stars that viewers can look forward to seeing include Melissa Villaseñor, Faith Ford, Pete Holmes, Kurt Fuller, Stephanie Weir, Lyric Lewis, Johnny Weir, and Tara Lipinski. In addition, the producers shared that they're open to having original series cast members Richard Moll and Marsha Warfield appear. As for the original series star, the late Harry Anderson, Rauch shared that they reached out to his daughter, Eva Fay Anderson and that she not only offered her blessing but has also been supportive of the effort. Now, here's a look at the team from today's TCA session:

Night Court Guest Stars, OG Cast; Harry Anderson's Daughter Supportive
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NBC's Night Court: What We Know So Far…

The eternally optimistic Abby Stone follows in the footsteps of her revered late father, Judge Harry Stone, as she takes on the challenge of overseeing the night shift of a Manhattan arraignment court.

Abby always sees the best in people, and her passion for justice is undeniable. In her quest to bring order and dignity to the court and reign in its colorful crew of oddballs, she enlists former night court district attorney Dan Fielding to serve as the court's public defender. Still exceedingly self-confident, Fielding must adjust to a new boss and a new job – defending the downtrodden. And, beneath his arrogant demeanor, there is an empathetic side to Fielding that Abby is determined to unearth.

They both must contend with Olivia (India de Beaufort), the court's officious assistant district attorney. Driven and ambitious, she views the night court as a stepping stone on her way to bigger things. Neil (Kapil Talwalkar) is the court's neurotic clerk who loved that his job came with low expectations. That is until a new idealistic judge showed up looking to push him out of his comfort zone.

Rounding out the staff is Donna "Gurgs" Gurganos (Lacretta), the night court's sharp-witted bailiff. Gurgs takes her job very seriously and is fiercely protective of her night court colleagues. Nikolai (Dimiter Marinov) is the court's maintenance man. A staple character within the building, Nikolai pops up in the day-to-day lives of the crew. He's a mystery to everyone around the courthouse (and he likes it that way).

Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot": Judge Abby Stone follows in the footsteps of her late father, Judge Harry Stone, as she takes over the night shift of a Manhattan arraignment court. When the court finds itself in need of a public defender, Abby sees potential in an unlikely candidate from her father's past: former night court prosecutor Dan Fielding.

For this go-around, Larroquette checks in with NBC late-night host Seth Meyers for a great conversation that included Larroquette explaining how Rauch helped convince him to return, what attracted him to the idea of revisiting Dan Fielding after 30 years, and a lot more. And to kick things off, we get a brief preview of Judge Stone (Rauch) and Dan having a bit of a disagreement over how long he plans on being back in court.

Season 1 Episode 2 "The Nighthawks": After Abby makes a mistake in the courtroom, she decides to adopt an all-business approach to get things back on track, but her new style catches everyone off-guard.

Season 1 Episode 3 "Dan v. Dating": With Abby's encouragement, Dan attempts to get venture back into the dating world, but reigniting his love life proves more complicated than he anticipated. Gurgs and Olivia search for a new office and find something they weren't expecting.

Season 1 Episode 4 "Justice Buddies": Gurgs's tween nephew and some of his fellow students visit the court for a school project. Things get out of hand for Abby, Dan, and the night court team when the kids reveal their true motive is to grind the wheels of justice to a halt.

Season 1 Episode 5 "Blood Moon Binga": A blood moon brings out some of the weirdest cases New York City has to offer, along with a surprise visitor: Abby's mom (guest star F*** F***), who is carrying some long-kept secrets. Gurgs suspects Dan knows more than he's letting on, while Olivia and Neil stumble on the truth.

Season 1 Episode 6 "Marathon-thon-thon-thon-thon": When Abby's fiancé, Rand (guest star P*** H*****), learns she is struggling to connect with Olivia, he encourages Abby to embrace a side of herself she rarely shows. Dan and Gurgs team up to save his favorite thing in the courthouse: a bench.

Rauch and Winston Rauch executive produce via After January production company (based at Warner Bros. TV) alongside Rubin- with Larroquette set to produce. After January produces in association with the original series studio, Warner Bros.

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