Reacher Season 2: Alan Ritchson's "Romantic Moment" with Camera & More

Once again, when it comes to updates on how things are going with the second season of Amazon's Prime Video and writer & showrunner Nick Santora's Alan Ritchson-starring Reacher, Ritchson is the best source to look to if you wanted to stay connected. Last time, we learned that Ritchson can definitely carry a tune while also getting a chance to check out another Season 2 filming scenario. This time around, Ritchson is offering fans another filming scenario situation to consider when it comes to how they would handle it. And while we don't want to spoil it since Ritchson does a much better job with the wordplay, we will say that it involves a "romantic moment," lots of sweating, rice crackers, a roll of paper towels, and someone (name redacted to protect the innocent) reportedly with a "giant head." Hay, don't say we didn't give you a heads-up…

Alan Ritchson as "Reacher", Amazon Studios

"You're playing Reacher…," Ritchson begins the caption to this next chapter of "What Do You Do?".  "You're lying in bed having a very *romantic* moment with your scene partner while a dozen bored crew look on. The room is a thousand degrees from the lights. Which is weird cause on the monitors, it looks like the room is bathed in nothing more than the soft glow of a crescent moon. You sweat profusely. A roll of paper towels is thrown at you by the makeup department. You apologize profusely for your biology as you mop your face dry. After 30 takes across 6 angles, the scene is nearly complete. You're parched. Can somebody open a window? So hot in here. Those lights. You remind yourself you're a survivor. Just one setup to go. It's time for… your close-up. You block for camera and soon discover – this bed's not big enough for the camera and her giant head. We play paper, rock, scissors to see who gets to stay. The camera wins. The camera always wins. She goes to eat rice crackers and air at crafty while you have to make those same sparks fly with this… 8k silicon chip. Will we feel the electricity, or do you disappear into the sheets?"

And in a follow-up post, Ritchson makes a spot-on observation on how the camera rig's looking:

A Look at What We Know About Amazon's Reacher Season 2

Based on bestselling author Lee Child's 11th book in the series (Bad Luck and Trouble), Reacher sets out to find answers (and a lot of revenge) when members of his old military unit turn up dead. Serinda Swan (Coroner), Ferdinand Kingsley (The Sandman), and Rory Cochrane (Winning Time) have joined the cast as series regulars for the second season. In addition, Domenick Lombardozzi (Magnum P.I.), Luke Bilyk (DeGrassi: The Next Generation), Dean McKenzie (Shooter), Edsson Morales (Black Summer), Andres Collantes (Two Sentence Horror Stories), Shannon Kook-Chun (The 100), Ty Victor Olsson (Supernatural), Josh Blacker (See), and Al Sapienza (Coroner) are set to guest star. Maria Sten will return as Frances Neagley, with Shaun Sipos playing David O'Donnell. Now here's a look back at Ritchson's Instagram post announcing the start of filming on the second season:

Swan's Karla Dixon served with Reacher in the Army's unit of Special Investigators. She's an extremely intelligent private investigator who has no problem holding her own in a fight against men much larger than she is. Kingsley's A.M. is what Homeland Security calls a "ghost;" he operates under a number of aliases and can pass for any nationality. Money is his only motivation, and he'll work for the highest bidder. Cochrane's Shane Langston is a streetwise former NYPD detective with a questionable track record who is now head of security for a private defense contractor. Lombardozzi's Guy Russo is a tough NYPD detective who's investigating a case that involves several of Reacher's former Army cohorts. Olsson's Saropian is a brutal professional hitman who is charged with following members of Reacher's old elite military squad. Blacker's Hortense Fields is Lieutenant Colonel in the Army who oversees Reacher's Elite 110th – Special Investigator's Unit. Sapienza's Marsh is a formidable lieutenant with the NYPD.

As previously reported, the rest of Reacher's former Special Investigator Task Force includes Bilyk as Calvin Franz, McKenzie as Stan Lowery, Morales as Manuel Orozco, Collantes as Jorge Sanchez, and Kook-Chun as Tony Swan. The series is produced by Amazon Studios, Skydance Television & Paramount TV Studios, with Child also serving as an executive producer with showrunner Nick Santora. In addition to Santora and Child, the series is executive produced by Don Granger, Scott Sullivan, and Adam Higgs, with David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Bill Bost for Skydance.

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