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Dwayne Johnson at the AFI FEST 2016 Premiere of 'Moana' held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, USA on November 14, 2016. Editorial credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Dwayne Johnson Wanted to Play Jack Reacher

His answer was a bit of a surprise; it turns out that he wanted to play Jack Reacher The character, made famous in a series of novels by author Lee Child, spent years and years trying to get to the screen Ultimately, he was played by Tom Cruise in two films, one in 2012 and[...]

jack reacher

"Jack Reacher": Amazon Prime Greenlights Lee Child Book Franchise to Series

Six months after the dust settled from what was reported was a "competitive situation" among a number of streaming and premium cable suitors that resulted in Amazon securing the rights to bring Lee Child's bestselling Jack Reacher book series from page to screen, some great news With Nick Santora (Scorpion, Prison Break) set to write,[...]

jack reacher

"Jack Reacher": Lee Child Book Franchise Getting Amazon Series Adaptation

After the dust settled from what is being reported as a "competitive situation" among a number of streaming and premium cable suitors, Amazon has secured the rights to bring Lee Child's bestselling Jack Reacher book series from page to screen With Nick Santora (Scorpion, Prison Break) set to write, executive produce, and serve as showrunner,[...]

Tom Cruise Will Never Go Back to Jack Reacher Again

"His knuckles were nearly touching the ground," wrote Lee Child of his now-famous protagonist Jack Reacher in the 2012 book A Wanted Man "His neck was thick and his hands were the size of dinner plates...A wild man But not really Underneath everything else seemed strangely civilized....His gaze was both wise and appealing, both friendly[...]

5 Action Movie Franchises Ripe For Becoming Comic Books

no planes though.Jack Reacher - There have only been two movies so far, but there's a ton of novels about the character He is constantly traveling, never staying in any place for too long.. just long enough to piss off a lot of people and probably kill some folks, and then he moves on[...]

Jack Reacher Ignores Vacancy Signs On Airplanes

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hits theaters this Friday and I'm personally looking forward to it The film stars Tom Cruise as the title character and Cobie Smulders as a member of the Military Police that happens onto a conspiracy as men in Reacher's old unit are being killed We've got two videos below The[...]

Cobie Smulders Kicks Butt In New Jack Reacher Clip

I remember seeing the first Jack Reacher movie and being pleasantly surprised by both the character and Tom Cruise's performance I since went back and read a couple of the Lee Child novels where Reacher started Interestingly the first film was not based on the first novel, it was based on One Shot, the ninth[...]

Looking Back At The Jack Reacher Film Before The Sequel

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back comes out on October 21st, it's the sequel to the 2012 film with Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Jai Courtney It's based on the novels by Lee Childs and in my opinion, it was a good movie But fans of the character of Jack Reacher reacted poorly to Cruise's casting,[...]

Tom Cruise And Colbie Smulders On Jack Reacher Poster

One of the film's I'm looking forward to this fall is the new Jack Reacher film, Never Go Back Based on the series of novels by Lee Childs, the fist Jack Reacher film was released in 2012 starring Tom Cruise and was written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie The film did a really good job[...]

Jack Reacher 2 Is In The Works

During an interview with Empire, Lee Child let it be known that his action hero Jack Reacher was going to get a second film Tom Cruise, who played Reacher in the first film, will return but director Christopher McQuarrie will not and Child explained why. "McQuarrie is going to be in post-production on Mission: Impossible 5[...]

Jack Reacher Sequel With Tom Cruise In The Works

It really seems like Jack Reacher kinda came and went without much fanfare, but according to Deadline, it did enough to warrant a sequel, and one is being actively developed and fast-tracked now with Tom Cruise attached to return.The new film, which will not be filmed before Mission: Impossible 5 despite the studio's best[...]

Surprise! Jack Reacher Sequel At The Planning Stages

I enjoyed Jack Reacher a great deal I'm not sure I liked its politics too much, but the Sherlock-y stuff was fun, it had some good action, there were some really satisfying plot beats I want more.And I may get what I want.In a Deadline story about the film's box office to date, Mike Fleming[...]

Video: Jack Reacher Author Lee Child Defends The Casting Of Tom Cruise

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool.There is something a touch odd about this promotional video for Jack Reacher By and large it's a pretty bog standard featurette, describing a little bit about the character Jack Reacher and who he is, all explained by Lee Child, the novellist who created the character.And then, there's the last[...]

Jack Reacher Trimmed For UK 12A Certificate

The BBFC have classified Christopher McQuarrie's Jack Reacher and the final result is a 12a rating for a film cut by 2 seconds.Or rather, the BBFC have reclassified the film They originally handed Paramount Pictures a 15 certificate for the full, intact movie The cuts came when the studio decided that the 'offending material' was[...]

10 Things About The New Jack Reacher Trailer

After all, they’re all fiercely competent men of violence, albeit with slightly different levels of morality in place.Who couldn’t imagine a disgraced Ethan, ten years or more down the line, with his hair grey and his suit immaculate, killing people in Michael Mann’s sodium light-slick LA? I certainly can.Whether or not Jack Reacher is the[...]

Four Things About The Jack Reacher Teaser

The premise, that Reacher is a man constantly on the move and constantly getting into the very trouble he's trying to avoid, is great pulp fodder and Child's combination of grim pragmatism and glee at getting to write about people hitting one another very very hard tends to make them fun reading.Now we get the[...]

First Trailer For Jack Reacher

Previously bobbing about in a version that had been dubbed into Russian, here's the US version of the first Jack Reacher trailer It does look rather smooth, and potentially very exciting Yes, Tom Cruise is a lot shorter than the Jack Reacher of Lee Childs' original books He's small enough now to be Jack Can't[...]

First Jack Reacher Image: Tom Cruise Has An Escape Plan

There's our first image of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, or if you pay any heed to the plaintiffs across the blogosphere, Jack Reacher's Mini Me.The film is adapted from Lee Child's thriller novel, One Shot, which is anything but: there are plenty of Jack Reacher novels now The reason this one was picked to[...]

Tom Cruise Signs Up To Play Jack Reacher In One Shot

Tom Cruise has lined up his next two pictures: first he'll play Jack Reacher in a Christopher McQuarrie film of the novel One Shot, then move on to Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion.Personally, I had no idea who this Reacher character was so I did the most stringent and rigorous research a blogger could ever throw themselves[...]