Superman & Lois Star Wolé Parks on Playing [SPOILER] & What It Means

So without jumping directly into spoilers, let's just say that Tuesday night's David Ramsey-directed and Jai Jamison-written episode of The CW's Superman & Lois was the game-changer they were saying it was going to be. To say that things are definitely not what we assumed they would be by the time "Man of Steel" ended (nice title) is a major understatement, and Wolé Parks is here to offer his thoughts on what went down, when he knew, and more with EW. We're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" because that's what's ahead and we'll see you after the spoiler image buffer.

Superman & Lois
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So say goodbye to "Captain Luthor" and hello to John Henry Irons, the man who comics fan also know as the hero Steel. But this Irons is from an alternate earth where Tyler Hoechlin's Superman broke bad, conquered the planet with some super-powered folks, killed Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane for divulging his weakness, and possibly their daughter Natalie (though there's already talk of her coming into play down the road). But not before he and Natalie built a battlesuit to take down Superman utilizing that reality's Lex Luthor's A.I. (thus the name confusion), but before he could finish the job? Earth-Prime happened. But the best tease viewer could want for what's to come took place in the episode's present timelines, when Irons used the combo of red sunlight and a massive hammer to take down Supes- that is, until Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) saved the day.

His Reaction to Learning He Would Be Playing John Henry Irons: "No B.S., I actually got kind of emotional about it, because I remember when that comic came out. I was about 10 or 11. And I remember seeing that as a kid. And you know how it is: Back then, there wasn't a lot of diverse representation. So for this little Black kid to see this Black guy who was a superhero in his own right, that was amazing. I felt overwhelmed and appreciative."

On Wielding the Hammer for the First Time: "Let me tell you about this hammer. Believe it or not, it was cool. No, it was super-cool. Rob Hayter, who runs the stunt department, gave me, a couple of weeks prior, he gave me this little… We're going to call it a stick, okay? To practice with. Like, an inch thick in diameter and then maybe two and a half feet long. He showed me some moves and is like, 'Go home and practice this, how to wield it.' And I get on set —we had a couple of night shoots back-to-back where we do that whole sequence — and [the real hammer is] this huge fricking thing. The thing is like three inches thick, it's got this big-ass top, the head of it. I'm like, 'I can't throw this around. Everything we worked on is out the window.' So partially it was like, 'Whoa, this is really cool.' And then the other side was, 'How am I supposed to do what I practiced the whole time?' But again, it was super-cool. You can't, I mean, the idea to hold this thing, this iconic weapon? It was ridiculous. It felt absolutely amazing."

If Irons Can Learn to Trust This Reality's Superman: "I don't want to really get into heavy spoilers. We will see some of that stuff happen. But I think it's more, just in general, just about, how do we accept the past? And I think to me, that is his journey. Which we're going to see, in the next couple episodes, is just acceptance. And that's something which is really hard for him because obviously, in my mind at least the way I portrayed him, is that he blames himself. "If I would have done this, and maybe this wouldn't have happened. If this would have happened," somehow he could have changed the past. But you can't change the past, because the past is the past. And as long as you let us keep holding on to that, that's just going to keep your rage, that resentment is never going to go away."

Superman & Lois Season 1, Episode 8 "Holding the Wrench": REALITY – Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) encourages Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) to reach out for help after noticing her reaching a breaking point. Meanwhile, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) finds himself in a dangerous situation. Lastly, Kyle (Erik Valdez) encourages Sarah (Inde Navarette) to audition for the musical revue at school. Alex Garfin, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Dylan Walsh, and Wole Parks also star. The episode was directed by Norma Bailey and written by Kristi Korze.

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