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DC Comics Reign of the Superman Arrives at McFarlane Toys with Steel
After the Death of Superman at DC Comics came the Reign of Superman This was a time during the 90s when new heroes rose to the occasion after the fall of the Man of Steel One of which was John Henry Irons, a brilliant weapons engineer who decided to protect Metropolis with his own specialty-crafted[...]
Interior preview page from Action Comics #1059
Dropping this November 28th, it looks like Superman's got a bad case of nostalgia for his Warworld gladiator days But don't worry, he's not alone in this fashion faux pas – Steel's joining the dress-up party to play 'take back the sandbox' from Norah Stone's Blue Earth baddies. Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Gene Luen Yang,[...]
Star Ace Toys Reveals Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Origins 2.0 Statue 
Raw power has been unleashed with Superman as this deadly hero who has turned all his effort into making Earth a better place after the Joker killed his love Superman's new tactics are a little bit more ruthless, turning this hero into a villainous dictator However, after his capture, Brainiac arrives, and the Son of[...]
We Revisit the Legacy of Zack Snyder’s Justice League with Hot Toys
Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman, and Zack Snyder's Justice League took this League to new heights that we never imagined While we might not see those characters on the big screen again, we can still bring them home with some impressive collectibles With Blue Beetle now on MAX and Aquaman 2 heading[...]
Superman: Legacy
As the release date for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom approaches, eyes do appear to be on the future as more and more cast members are added to Superman: Legacy There was some worry that the strikes would hinder the film's production and it would miss its scheduled release date, but writer and director James Gunn[...]
Nicholas Hoult Joins the "Mission: Impossible" Franchise
It's been a tumultuous ride for DC films, but very soon, filmmaker James Gunn aims to change that by presenting audiences with a new, reimagined version of DC and its iconic characters, starting with the all-important DC project Superman: Legacy! And while we've already received our next Superman star along with a few other actors,[...]
Interior preview page from Batman/Superman: World's Finest #21
Alright comic worshipers, it's time to glue your eyeballs to the screen because DC is dropping the bomb next Tuesday with Batman/Superman: World's Finest #21, where our caped crusader and the boy scout are off on another glorified interdimensional road trip Boy Thunder's hitching a ride and, surprise surprise, there's trouble in paradise—or should I[...]
Interior preview page from Superman #8
It's yet another defining moment for our caped wonder in Superman #8, hitting your local comic sanctuary on Tuesday, November 21st And what's our Kryptonian hero doing this time? If the latest gospel is to be believed, Supes is essentially unplugging his own super-juicer just to show up "The Chained." I mean, it's not like[...]
Platinum DC Comics McFarlane Collector Edition Variants Revealed
McFarlane Toys has just unveiled a new set of DC Multiverse Collector Edition figures with Batman, Superman, and Captain Carrot Well, it appears that each of these figures will be also getting a Platinum Edition release as well For collectors who are unaware, some of the DC Multiverse has Chase Variant figures, similar to a[...]
DC Comics Captain Carrot Joins McFarlane Toys Growing DC Multiverse 
It is time for the Return of Superman as McFarlane Toys reveals their latest McFarlane Collector Edition release Not only is the Man of Steel making his return, but Krypto is also along for the ride with his first debut in the DC Multiverse Superman is quite the beefcake this time around with a massive[...]
Take on the Night with PureArts New Batman DC Comics Statue 
It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it is Superman making a heroic landing at PureArts with a brand new DC Comics statue Leaping right off the pages of the hit 1986 DC Comics mini-series from John Byrne, Man of Steel, comes the Kryptonian hero himself Standing at 12" tall, this hero is all about[...]
Interior preview page from Superman: Lost #8
Look up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's the latest issue of Superman: Lost #8 zooming into your local comic shop this Tuesday, November 14th The Man of Steel is about to get real about his feelings, and not a moment too soon If there's anything the El family does[...]
My Adventures with Superman
For this go-around, Quaid shared his appreciation for how Adult Swim's My Adventures with Superman was received and how it's "an absolute dream" to be voicing The Man of Steel But at the end, he dropped an update that was definitely good news about the show's future: "We have already have a season 2 in[...]
Interior preview page from Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #1
Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #1 barreling your way this November 7th And wouldn't you know it? Another new surprise from the most overused playbook in the comic universe: when in doubt, bring out the Cold War. When the planet Krypton exploded, its last son was rocketed across the cosmos and came to settle in a[...]
Interior preview page from Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special
Get your wallets ready for another nostalgic cash grab as DC brings you the Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special Coming to a wallet-harvesting center–sorry, comic book store– near you this Tuesday, October 31st. Written by Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway, and Karl Kesel Art by Travis Moore, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Jon Bogdanove, Butch[...]
Interior preview page from Action Comics #1058
As predictable as Aunt May getting into a medical emergency, DC presents to us, yet another Superman doppelganger tale. Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Gene Luen Yang, and Greg Hahn Art by Rafa Sandoval, Viktor Bogdanovic, and Travis Mercer SUPERMAN VERSUS CLARK KENT! When the mysterious young Norah Stone drains Superman's strength and unleashes an impostor[...]
superman & lois
The CW announcing that Superman & Lois would be returning for a fourth season is an example of something that looks/sounds good on the surface – but gets a lot more concerning the more you scratch beneath the surface for details Yes, it's great to have the show back – especially when that means having Tyler[...]
Interior preview page from Superman #7
Why, you ask? Well, just because it is the day DC unleashes Superman #7 onto the unsuspecting masses And you'd better believe they're milking this one for all it's worth. AN OVERSIZE ANNIVERSARY ISSUE CELEBRATING THE MAN OF STEEL AND HIS LEGACY! Superman #850! A special oversize issue celebrating Superman and his super-legacy! Since the start[...]
Interior preview page from Batman/Superman: World's Finest #20
This time around it's Batman/Superman: World's Finest #20, splashing down in comic book stores on October 17th Just what we need, another cross-dimensional soap opera Check out this gem: MARK WAID RETURNS TO THE WORLD OF KINGDOM COME! The return of Boy Thunder! To find and save Superman's former protege, the World's Finest duo bridges the[...]
Interior preview page from Superman: Lost #7
That's right, DC is gracing us with the Superman: Lost #7, set to release this Tuesday, October 10th And boy, does it sound like a wild ride or what? Superman is confronted with the specter of his own possible future when his way home is blocked by an alternate version of himself Meanwhile, Lois employs the[...]
It's Batman Beyond vs Justice Lord Superman with McFarlane Toys
Coming to life from an alternate world, Justice Lord Superman has arrived, and in his world, it is all about crime and punishment Both figures are packed with detail from DC Comics, with Batman Beyond coming with some batarangs and an extra pair of hands Superman, on the other hand gets an all new black[...]
My Adventures With Superman: WB Said "No!" To Certain Villains
Adult Swim's first season of My Adventures With Superman ended up being a much-loved new adaptation of the most famous superhero in history, despite some fans being cautious about the new take from the outset  The key to its success was the characters and having the audience really fall for these young and modern versions of[...]
Interior preview page from Action Comics #1057
But how can that be when Superman and his fam are losing their powers?! What's next? Superman trying to lift the Daily Planet and popping a blood vessel? And Norah Stone wants to get rid of the Kryptonians From Action Comics?! Does she realize they're the ones people are buying this book for?! Now, please join[...]
Interior preview page from Superman #6
So friends, what do you think of when you hear the words Superman and chains? Superhero BDSM fantasy tavern, am I right? Or is that just me? Well, thanks to DC, you won't have to imagine too hard Upcoming on Tuesday, September 19th, we're in store for some chain-yanking fun in Superman #6, titled –[...]
Interior preview page from Batman/Superman: World's Finest #19
Batman/Superman: World's Finest #19 is hitting comic store shelves this Tuesday, September 19th, marking the end of yet another drawn-out origin story. According to the most esteemed officials of DC, the finale ties together the mind-melting enigma that is the Riddler and the never-ending void known as the Phantom Zone No surprises there – nothing spices[...]
Interior preview page from Superman: Lost #6
Look, I get it folks, before you get your super-tights in a twist, let's talk Superman: Lost #6, hitting our blissfully unexploded comic shops next Tuesday. Now, if I'm reading the same synopsis as you guys, apparently the Man of Steel hasn't just lost his way, he's also misplaced his mental composure PTSD? In space? Really?[...]
With that in mind, we have quick updates on both the Gunn-written & directed Superman: Legacy and the upcoming animated series based on writer J M DeMatteis & artist Pat Broderick's Creature Commandos to pass along First up, for those of you expecting a look at the new Superman costume dropping anytime soon – Gunn has[...]
Bow Before Brainiac with McFarlane’s Newest DC Multiverse Figure
In an alternate reality, the Joker turned his sights away from Batman and wanted a challenge by targeting Superman His deadly plan ruined the Man of Steel as he blew up the Daily Planet and tricked him into killing Lois Lane, who was also pregnant This broke the Man of Steel, who ended up killing[...]
The Return of Superman MAFEX No.219 Eradicator Figure Revealed 
DC Comics Death of Superman is an iconic storyline that helped introduce a new assortment of Supermen Some of them were clones, some were Men of Steel, and one was even an ancient weapon Medico has unveiled their latest DC Comics MAFEX figure with the Last Son of Krypton, the Eradicator After the death of[...]
Superman Battles the Atomic Skull with McFarlane Toys Exclusive 2-Pack
DC Comics fans will seemingly be getting the return of the original DC Multiverse Action Comics #1000 Superman with this release Atomic Skull is new and features a sweet purple translucent sculpt, a purple translucent fire display base, and some power fists This is one of the better Superman's head sculpts that McFarlane Toys did[...]