The Always Sunny Podcast: Rob's Red Nose Debate: Drinking or Windburn?

They gave us the heads-up/warning last week that they had something ready to help viewers celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and they delivered in a big way earlier today with a very special edition of Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast. We're talking about an edition so special that even Kaitlin Olson is calling in to take part in the festivities. And what festivities might those be? Yup, the podcast gang got in front of the mics & cameras and progressively got drunker as the show rolled along. And the best part? They brought us along for the ride!

always sunny
Image: Screencap

In the following clip, McElhenney makes the case that his red nose is a result of a little windburn but mostly from being too close to that fire they have going. But as you're about to see, Howerton, Day, and Ganz are pretty sure they've figured out the culprit. And make sure to check out "Everybody Browns Out" here and subscribe to the YouTube channel here (and let's not forget about the original audio podcast, with an audio version of the episode here):

Now here's a look back at how the idea for what might very be… The Greatest Podcast Episode Ever!"… came about, as well as just enough of a preview to get us counting the days down to today:

Here's a look at the major podcast upgrade courtesy of artist Wencenslao Quiroz (check out his work here), some impressive artwork for the studio's main wall that's a call back to some of the series' finer moments (bonus points for "flexing bicep"):

always sunny
Image: The Always Sunny Podcast

And here's a look at the tweet formally introducing the artwork to the fans:

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