The Sopranos Creator David Chase Ties Up Some Series Loose Ends

With productions ramping up, Talking Sopranos hosts Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa decided to end their series podcast of the iconic HBO crime drama. Who better to have as a final guest than The Sopranos creator David Chase, who helped answer any lingering questions about the show lore. The podcast, which premiered in April 2020 around the height of the pandemic, followed the theme of other series' actors hosting rewatch podcasts of beloved shows like Scrubs and The Office.

The Sopranos
Still from "The Sopranos", courtesy of HBO

The Sopranos Creator David Chase on Big Pussy, Ralph, and Tracee

At their 91st and final podcast, Imperioli and Schirripa never addressed specifics as to why they're ending it. The duo hosted several guests from their surviving co-stars and crew members, who worked on the series that ran from 1999-2007. The first question lobbed to Chase if there was a character he regretted killing and he said Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero, played by Vincent Pastore. "It was too soon because we all loved that guy, and we loved the actor also," Chase said. "But, it made for a great story. What can I say?" The character met his end after Tony (James Gandolfini) confirmed his betrayal as an FBI informant at the season two episode "Funhouse".

A look at the final scene from HBO's The Sopranos (Image: WarnerMedia).
A look at the final scene from HBO's The Sopranos (Image: WarnerMedia).

Chase also confirmed who killed Tony's racehorse Pie-o-My and explained his bigger reasons on why he had to whack Ralph (Joe Pantoliano) in season four. "Tony had it right," Chase said of the suspicion. "But the thing is, when he was beating up on Ralphie for killing Pie-o-My, it was really about that girl who he killed, Tracee (Ariel Kiley) [in season three]." Tracee was a dancer who was seeing Ralph but also developed a close, but not intimate relationship with Tony. For more on Chase's thoughts regarding Janice (Aida Turturro) as well as the series overall, you can check out the entire episode of the Talking Sopranos podcast below:

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