Titans Season 4 Drops Interesting Swamp Thing, Constantine References

It's not like HBO Max's Titans wasn't already walking in the world of the magic & the supernatural when it first started. But with the addition of Franka Potente's May Bennett / Mother Mayhem, Joseph Morgan's Sebastian Sanger / Brother Blood, and Lisa Ambalavanar's Jinx this season, the series has taken things to a whole new level. But as much as the action on the screen is able to keep my attention easily, we can't help but keep an eye out for easter eggs, name drops, and other teases of what's to come. And one thing that's grabbed our attention has been the growing connections between the show's universe and Swamp Things & Constantine. What could it mean? Who knows… but it does get our dumpster fire of random speculation roaring high into the night sky. Now, before we go any further? We're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign and throwing down an image spoiler buffer just to be on the safe side.

TITANS (Image: HBO Max/Warner Bros. Discovery)

How "The Red" Connects to Animal Man & Swamp Thing: Teased in the Titans season-opener "Lex Luthor" and then further elaborated upon in this week's episode "Inside Man," we learn from Jinx that the reddish desert terrain that Gar (Ryan Potter) referred to as The Red is known to magic users as a place of some rather intense power. So what does this have to do with DC Comics' Animal Man and Swamp Thing? In the comics universe, The Red is a force that connects all animal life, a force that finds its protector in Animal Man (aka Buddy Baker when the concept was first introduced in 1988's Animal Man #1). And along with The Red, the DC Universe had a number of other elemental forces in play… like The Green, which brings this right into the backyard of Swamp Thing. It's important to keep that in mind since the live-action series appears to be dropping some pretty heavy hints that Gar's powers may also derive from there.

Everyone Wants a Piece of John Constantine: For a dude who probably won't be making a physical appearance, Constantine is surely getting a lot of name-drops. In "Jinx," we learn from the episode title character that Jinx first met the occult investigator via a case Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites) was working on involving Two-Face… and let's just say that the meeting wasn't under the best circumstances. And then, this week's episode, "Inside Man," also finds Constantine making his presence known without having to lift a finger. Not bad work if you can get it, and just the kind of gig we think John would appreciate.

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