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Between learning that it was officially returning for a fourth season during this past weekend's DC FanDome and this week's release of the well-received third season finale "Purple Rain," HBO Max's Titans has been having a good run of things lately Not having to deal with waiting around for renewal news, Brenton Thwaites (Nightwing aka[...]
HBO Max announced today at DC FanDome that the Max Original series Titans has been renewed for a fourth season and revealed a first look at the season three finale ahead of its debut this Thursday, October 21- here's a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9c9MLZkZwYVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Titans | Season 3 Finale Sneak Peak[...]
Why Couldn't DC Comics Call The Teen Titans, Just The Titans In 1982
And the topic of the name of The New Teen Titans, his comic book series, relaunched in 1980, came up Specifically that the characters were about to no longer be teenagers. DECKER: Have you considered the fact that "teenagehood'-' doesn't last very long? WOLFMAN: Yeah. DECKER: There's only about four years there and if you stretch it out[...]
The Titans are getting their butts kicked in this preview of Titans United #2, in stores on Tuesday by DC Comics And sure, that happens to all the superheroes sometimes You can't really judge them for it Except for one thing They're getting their butt's kicked… by Kite-Man! Check out the preview below. TITANS UNITED #2[...]
Gail Simone Reacts To Barbara Gail Gordon, Batgirl In HBOMax Titans
That's very sweet and means a lot. And then last week on Titans, she got something else Now, she is Batgirl. Last week something new happened that took me a bit to adjust to. A bunch of my twitter followers said, 'Gail, you HAVE to watch the new episode of Titans.' I didn't know why, but finally someone said, 'they gave[...]
After a three-episode return last week that firmly established Jason Todd aka Red Hood (Curran Walters) as a major badass in HBO Max's Titans universe, the spotlight shifts to the other storyline we've been waiting for That's right, we're talking the "family reunion" that's about to kick off in a very dangerous way when Anna[...]
Our Sunday newbies include a possible 13th season for Archer, finger-pointing in New Zealand starting over The Lord of the Rings loss, Moon Knight star Ethan Hawke talks character influence, The Boys EP Eric Kripke reveals how Jensen Ackles and Soldier Boy happened, Christopher Meloni & his "mom" make another return, and Titans Season 3 star[...]
And did you miss me while you were looking for… the BCTV Daily Dispatch! With waves of love & respect to Train (check out the video at the end of the post), welcome back to your daily dose of the best things happening across the television landscape as we take a look at what's been hitting[...]
Only a day after the eagerly-awaited third season of HBO Max's Titans hit streaming screens, reports have surfaced that Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men, Angel) aka Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow was the subject of at least two complaints and two internal investigations by Warner Bros Television Deadline Hollywood first broke the news, reporting that the allegations were "believed[...]
Today's the day, Titans fans! As you read this, the first three episodes of HBO Max's live-action DC Comics series are currently streaming (with the following episodes airing weekly) which means you've already screened them, in the middle of a screening of them (thanks for taking a break), or counting the hours down until you[...]
With only two days to go until our heroes take the fight for justice to the mean streets of Gotham, HBO Max's Titans continues introducing or reintroducing viewers to the season's main players before the third season kicks off on August 12 So far, we've checked in on Brenton Thwaites (Richard "Dick" Grayson / Nightwing), Anna[...]
Now that the cast has done its part to get everyone back up-to-speed on the first two seasons and with less than a week to go until the series returns for its third season, HBO Max Titans continues doing its part to get catch everyone up on how our main players are doing heading into[...]
With HBO Max's Titans ready to hit the streets of Gotham and streaming screens for a third season beginning August 12, the streaming service has started releasing a series of mini-teasers to reintroduce (and in some instances, introduce) our main players in play when the series returns First up, we have mini-teasers getting viewers up[...]
By now, it's no secret that the action shifts to Gotham for the third season of HBO Max's Titans– and from what we've seen so far, Batman's infamous stomping grounds is living up to its reputation From the death of Jason Todd's (Curran Walters) robin and his rebirth as Red Hood to Jonathan Crane (Vincent Kartheiser)[...]