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Swamp Thing, Tell Me A Story and 2 More Series Set for CW Airings

In a sign that the networks are getting a little nervous about the amount of scripted content that will be available starting this fall season (FOX's fall schedule release was lacking in scripted series intel), The CW announced that it has acquired the right to four series. The one name that will raise eyebrows is […]

Swamp Thing: New Roots #1

Swamp Thing: New Roots #1 Review: A Dig At Frankenscience

Without leaning as heavily on humor, this issue follows in the tracks of Wonder Twins to prove that Mark Russell is one of the smartest, subversive writers working in mainstream comics today. With an apparent crystal dig at real-world Frankenscience, Swamp Thing takes a clear stand against GMOs created by a company called Sunderland Foods. […]


Swamp Thing Tries To Take Immortal Hulk's Clothes Back

Of late, Marvel's Immortal Hulk has been described as their version of Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch and John Totleben's Swamp Thing. Creating a horror comic with storylines ripped from the headlines and an overall environmental theme, as well as exploring power structures, activist movements, economic theory, a lot of body horror and what […]

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Justice League Dark's Best 80s Swamp Thing Impression (#21 Spoilers)

Yesterday's Justice League Dark saw Ram V andAlvaro Martinez Bueno do their best Alan Moore, Rick Veitch, John Totleben and Steve Bissette-channelling moments, with Swamp Thing and Abigail Holland looking oh-so-very familiar (though he does seem to have lost his Alan Moore lookalike-beard) But it's not the only such familiar such faces with John Constantine and […]

Creator Credits For Swamp Thing Giant #4 and Wonder Woman Giant #4, Released

Creator Credits For Swamp Thing Giant #4 and Wonder Woman Giant #4, Released

DC have listed the details of Swamp Thing Giant #4 and Wonder Woman Giant #4, in mass market stores this month and in comic stores in April. Swamp Thing Giant #4 includes these new stories, under a direct-market only cover by Marco Santucci Strategic Outcomes, a 16-page story written by Mark Russell with art by […]

New Details on Batman and Swamp Thing DC 100-Page Giants

New Details on Batman and Swamp Thing DC 100-Page Giants

This is how the Batman Giant #2 and Swamp Thing Giant #2 were solicited for November from DC Comics…. BATMAN GIANT #2 Includes 24 pages of new stories plus classic reprints! ON SALE 11.27.19 $4.99 US | FC | 96 PAGES | DC SWAMP THING GIANT #2 Includes 24 pages of new stories plus classic […]

“Swamp Thing” Finale Falls Apart in Panicked Rush to the Finish Line

"Swamp Thing" Dies on the Vine in Panicked Rush to Finish Line [SPOILER REVIEW]

Farewell, DC Universe's Swamp Thing we hardly knew ye. We hardly saw ye in your own show. Over your untimely death, some will mourn… but not that many, since not that many people subscribe to the streaming service. With this being the series finale and burdened with wrapping everything up in some kind of way, […]

“Swamp Thing”: “The Anatomy Lesson” Fails Alan Moore’s Original Comic Story

"Swamp Thing" Learns Nothing from Alan Moore's "Anatomy Lesson" [OPINION]

If you watch Swamp Thing on DC Universe and read the original Alan Moore comics, you knew all along where all of this was heading. The show was heading towards an adaptation of Moore's original 1984 story "The Anatomy Lesson" in Saga of the Swamp Thing #21. "The Anatomy Lesson" is one of the most […]


"Harley Quinn," "Titans" & More: Bleeding Cool's SDCC 2019 DC Universe Live-Blog

Let's be honest. Every year, Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) continues to grow – and what was once the pantheon for all things comics has become the place to be if you're a film or television series looking to make traction with an eager geek fanbase looking to rest their eyeballs on something worthy. Then […]

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"Doctor Who": Ace – The Doctor's "Social Justice Warrior" Companion [OPINION]

So let's talk about Ace (Sophie Aldred), the Seventh Doctor's companion (1987-1989) – because I really don't get all the complaints about the current series of BBC's Doctor Who having too much politics. The series always had politics embedded at its core: virtually every Science Fiction, spy or crime TV series created in the UK in […]

DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership | Swamp Thing Teaser

This Is Fine, Says DC Universe App Following Swamp Thing Debacle

Like a dog calmly sipping coffee as the world burns around him, the DC Universe app has responded to worries following the abrupt cancellation of Swamp Thing and questions about the future of the app in the wake of WarnerMedia's plans to launch a new streaming service. Swamp Thing was canceled with no explanation last […]