Unsolved Mysteries: Netflix Solves Season/Volume 3 Renewal Mystery

Unsolved Mysteries, the Netflix reboot of the true-crime series, will have another round of stories for a third season. The series was originally ordered as a reboot in January 2019 for a six-episode run for volume one that premiered in July 2020 with the second season/volume running in October 2020, according to Deadline Hollywood. The third season/volume is slated to premiere in summer 2022. The reboot comes from original creators Cosgrove/Meurer Productions and Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy's 21 Laps Entertainment.

A look at the rebooted Unsolved Mysteries (Image: Netflix)
A look at the rebooted Unsolved Mysteries (Image: Netflix)

The third volume continues to expand more original cases of unexplained disappearances, tragic events, and bizarre occurrences. The first two volumes featured stories such as a strange death in Oslo, tsunami spirits in Japan, and UFOs in Massachusetts. During the first season/volume of its initial 12-episode run, over 5,000 tips were submitted to the Unsolved Mysteries team. The FBI re-opened the file on Alonzo Brooks' death following the episode that featured the initial investigation. Executive producing are Cosgrove/Meurer Productions' Terry Dunn Meurer and 21 Laps Entertainment's Levy and Josh Barry.

"The Unsolved Mysteries production team at Cosgrove/Meurer Productions couldn't be more excited about developing volume 3 of our successful Netflix series," Dunn said. "We're currently in production on more intriguing mysteries and we look forward to our viewers' help in solving the new cases next summer. Thank you to our Unsolved Mysteries fans who have made the series such a huge success." "We feel thrilled and privileged to be filming volume 3 of Unsolved Mysteries," wrote Levy and Barry in a statement. "The massive success of our last two volumes on Netflix proved that there is an enduring and passionate love for this iconic franchise, and we can't wait to dig into more of the stories that Unsolved Mysteries tells so uniquely well. 21 Laps is committed to emotional humanist stories, and to be able to tell more of these true stories of mystery alongside Cosgrove/Meurer who produced the original series, is a dream-come-true."

Unsolved Mysteries premiered on NBC in 1987 that featured numerous hosts throughout its original 15-season run with its most synonymous being actor Robert Stack, who did so until his retirement in 2002. The series would resume with actor Dennis Farina from 2008-2010 for Spike TV. The Netflix reboot would abandon the host format altogether, but those interviewed tell the stories of each case and film documentary style.

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