Lying In The Gutters – 3rd September 2012

The Beast by Grisly Jerr…

School holidays. Manic Mondays. Piccadilly Circuses. Wasn't I meant to read something this week? Oh yes, comics.

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

1. Cosplay Round-Up: Toronto Fan Expo 2012

2. Disney Characters Get Size Zero Makeover

3. The Future Of The Justice League In 2013

4. Could We Get A Twilight Of The Superheroes From DC Comics

5. Disney Appears To Respond To Avengers Suitcase Lawsuit

6. Talking To Dan DiDio About Stephanie Brown And Rob Liefeld

7. More Uncanny Avengers Art – And How To Make It Pay

8. How Marvel And DC Are Sounding Greek To Mexico

9. Comics Vs MisterE2009 (UPDATE)

10. Booster Gold Takes On The Superman/Wonder Woman Kiss

11. Midtown Marvel NOW Variants Reveal Avengers Team

12. The Justice League/Transformers Comic That Never Was

13. Iron Patriot To Appear In Iron Man 3 After All?

14. Spoiler Alert! On Tonight's Huge Doctor Who Surprise!

15. Ooh Look, She's Back

16. Will Uncanny Avengers #1 Outsell Walking Dead #100?

17. The Last Page Of Justice League #12?

18. Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks

19. The Avengers Back In US Cinemas This Weekend… With Something Extra

20. The New Justice League Batman To Get His Own Solo Films

And Ten You Might Prefer

1. How To Pre-Order DC Absolutes And Omnibuses For 60% Off

2. Jhonen Vázquez Designs For Randy Cunningham, 9th Grade Ninja

3. Mike S Miller – Back For More Pinklisting?

4. Ralph Bakshi Back In Action And Recruiting Animators For Bakshi Blues

5. So Why Was Black Kiss 2 Banned In The UK Anyway?

6. Dredd Movie And Sequels Chat – Alex Garland Answers The Fans

7. DC Zero Issues Continue To Dominate Reorders

8. Video: Back To The Future Mod For Grand Theft Auto Looks Amazing Fun

9. Almost A Hundred Alternative Designs For Shadowman Logo

10. Third Hobbit Film Set For July 2014, Second Instalment Retitled

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