3 Big Stacks Of Unread Comics I Can Read While I File For Unemployment

Programming note: Don't worry about me. I'm lucky in that I keep the overhead low and my job put me on furlough. I'm okay.

Cover by Ben Templesmith

Comic shops aren't so lucky. We have no idea how much cash on hand they have, and on top of that, Diamond just announced they're not shipping comics with an on sale date after April 1st. We might be living through the biggest contraction of the direct market since the 90s, optimistically. Pessimistically? Let's not go there.

First, Wasteland Compendiums volumes one and two by Antony Johnston, Christopher Mitten, Remington Veteto, Carla Speed McNeil, Joe Infurnari, Chuck BB, Justin Greenwood, Russell Roehling, Brett Weldele, Sandy Jarrell, Omar Olivera and Doug Sherwood. Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten (and others) post-apocalyptic epic. I've heard good things. I own both massive compendiums that Oni released last year-ish, and corona virus hands me the excuse I need to crack open volume one and start reading.

Second, Ludwig B volumes one and two by Osamu Tezuka, Caleb Cook, and Ochie Caraan. Christ, these two volumes sat in my apartment for years. I think these are the only two volumes of the series that exist, as Ludwig B. was Tezuka's final project. Famously, Tezuka died as he worked on Ludwig B.

Third, Tekkonkinkreet Black & White All in One Edition by Taiyo Matsumoto, Lillian Olsen, Cynthia Bergst, Vanessa Satone, and Walden Wong. Man, this one's old enough that a Matt Fraction blurb lists him as the writer of Punisher: War Journal. Between that and the Paul Pope blurb is why I bought Tekkonkinkreet at this year's C2E2. My partner thought the person working the booth I bought the book at, by virtue of selling a deluxe Humanoids hardcover for 50% off (Armies by Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Jean-Claude Gal & Picaret) didn't know what they had, but I prefer to think that they're generous.

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