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Notes On Djeliya, A West African Fantasy Epic
How many West African fantasy epics get published in the US? Hell, how many get published period and as comics? TKO Studios released the first one I’ve ever read, Djeliya by Juni Ba.
Zainab Akhtar Details Short Box Comics Fest 2021
After dropping out of this year’s Thought Bubble to protest the inclusion of Frank Miller as a guest, Zainab Akhtar announced the 2021 iteration of her own comics festival, Short Box Comics Fest.
A Second Comics Exhibition For The Second City
Chicago hosts not one but two comics exhibitions in the city. The first is at the Museum Of Contemporary Art, but the second one is on display at the Chicago Cultural Center. Running June 19th, 2021 through October 3rd, 2021, the exhibition called CHICAGO: Where Comics Came to Life (1880-1960) was curated by Chris Ware (Building Stories) and Chicago Cultural Historian Emeritus Tim Samuelson.
Z2 Announce OGN "Limbo Beach" From Rapper Vince Staples And Others
Looks like Z2 Comics has a big slate for their new sales hire Devin Funches. Z2 Comics announced what they describe as a headliner to their Fall 2021 offerings, an OGN called Limbo Beach from Vince Staples, Bryan Edward Hill, Chris Robinson, and Buster Moody. Limbo Beach is described as a combination of Lord Of The Flies and The Warriors.
A Darkness In The Light: Luna #2
In this issue of Luna, the cracks appear in The Family Of The Sun. If everything looked good after a night of decadent, blissed-out fun, Luna #2 is the