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Three New Comics Projects On Kickstarter

3 Comic Kickstarters: Curse Words, Cosmic Detective, Octobriana 1976

The comic industry is in a bit of flux right now and the big publishers are looking less and less safe when it comes to getting works published. That means if creators, even big creators, want their original projects to see the light of day they are probably going to have to turn to crowdfunding. […]

Milo Manara Announces

Milo Manara Announces "Lockdown Heroes" To Benefit Italian Hospitals

On May 15th, Milo Manara announced a new portfolio of his recent drawings called Lockdown Heroes through Italian company Feltrinelli Comics. As Rich wrote previously, Manara has a reputation for drawing women in erotic positions and in very little clothing. Still, this latest line of watercolors shows women in making masks, cleaning, and in scrubs. […]

Duncan Jones And Alex De Campi Debut Madi Through Kickstarter

Duncan Jones and Alex De Campi (and a murderer's row of artists) debuted Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future, a science fiction comic on Kickstarter today. Rich Johnston wrote about Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future before here, highlighting some of Jones and De Campi's thoughts about the project. Jones envisions […]


How To Get Every Issue Of Locke & Key For $15

Now Joe Hill and IDW follow Robert Kirkman and Image. Via Humble Bundle, Hill and IDW offer what looks like all currently published issues of Locke & Key, plus assorted Joe Hill written comics for $15. Particularly interesting to me is the Ray Bradbury tribute collection Shadow Show, which contains contributions from Eddie Campbell, Audrey […]


Here's How To Get Every Single Issue of The Walking Dead for Just $18

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment are currently offering, until May 20th, 2020, what looks like all of The Walking Dead comics on the Humble Bundle platform. The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is the charity which Image and Skybound chose to support with the profits from the bundle. Ignoring the value proposition of 30 plus trades […]

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Some Quiet Thoughts About Loud! by Maria Llovet

Loud! by Maria Llovet is surprisingly difficult to describe. It feels like an X-rated short feature or a particularly decadent midnight movie. Simplest: A night at a Loud!, a music bar/strip club goes wrong. Disastrously so. Loud! is the Spanish artist's second Black Mask work, and the second thing she's done that she's the writer/artist […]

Miss. Better Living Through Crime by Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou & Mark Vigouroux from Humanoids.

Humanoids Releases a Comics Bundle Through Groupees

On Tuesday, May 5th, Humanoids released a comics bundle through Groupees to benefit The Hero Initiative. Like with most bundles, the tiered system is weighted towards the highest tier ($15), which is where you can find Barbarella and The Eyes Of The Cat. Humanoids and Groupees are also adding volumes of Legend Of The Scarlet […]

Metal Hurlant - Selected Works-cover

Four Of My Favorite Stories From Metal Hurlant: Selected Works

Humanoids sent me a .pdf of their new collection Metal Hurlant: Selected Works contains the best of the non-Alejandro Jodorowsky stories from the 2000's revival of the magazine Metal Hurlant. Humanoids already collected the Jodorowsky stories in a small hardcover called Screaming Planet, which you could say Metal Hurlant: Selected Works is a sister release. […]

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4 Thoughts: I've Got War on the Mind for Humanoids Trade Armies

In Armies by Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Picaret & Jean-Claude Gal, I finally found a comic that first saw publication in Metal Hurlant, back in the day when Les Humanoïdes Associés ran it. Penciller Jean-Claude Gal marks the pages as 79 and 80, making Armies (previously Conquering Armies) of the original Metal Hurlant vintage. Here are some […]

Goodnight Paradise by Joshua Dysart, Alberto Ponticelli, Giulia Brusco and Steve Wands.

Goodnight Paradise Review: A Unique Take on a Common Trope

The "other" TKO comic in the mail was Goodnight Paradise. Admittedly, TKO had me from the creative team (Joshua Dysart, Alberto Ponticelli, Giulia Brusco, and Steve Wands), but sometimes can't miss teams, well, miss. I realized I had as much to say about Goodnight Paradise as I did Sara, so away we go. Goodnight Paradise […]

Sara cover

5 Thoughts: Sara by Garth Ennis, Steve Epting, Elizabeth Breitweiser

Spurred on by TKO's announcement that they'd donate half of any purchase made to a comic book store of the buyer's choosing, I bought two relatively safe bets: Goodnight Paradise by the Unknown Soldier team (Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli) and Sara, by Garth Ennis, Steve Epting, and Elizabeth Breitweiser. After reading Sara, I discovered […]


3 Big Stacks Of Unread Comics I Can Read While I File For Unemployment

Programming note: Don't worry about me. I'm lucky in that I keep the overhead low and my job put me on furlough. I'm okay. Comic shops aren't so lucky. We have no idea how much cash on hand they have, and on top of that, Diamond just announced they're not shipping comics with an on […]

The Sons Of El Topo "A Mess Of Theme, Rape, Violence, and Mysticism"

We poo-poo comics designed to be movie pitches, but what about the other way around? Alejandro Jodorowsky's (The Incal, The Metabarons) tried for years to get money to make movies, and he eventually gives up and writes them as comics instead. In the introduction to the first of the two volumes of The Sons Of […]

Take Lots With Absinthe: Doctor Radar's Pulpy Prescription

Take Lots With Absinthe: Doctor Radar's Pulpy Prescription

I can't remember what year I bought the first issue of Doctor Radar, but I know it was at C2E2, and I know it was at the Titan Comics booth. Judging by the publication dates (Titan announced their European imprint, Statix Press, at San Diego 2017), I'm going to guess 2018. I bought first issues […]

"The ATV Chase is a Highlight" – Buffy: The Vampire Slayer #13 [Review]

I enjoyed reading Boom's Buffy: The Vampire Slayer until they announced 'Hellmouth', a 10+ part crossover with Angel. Nothing against Angel's creative team, but the 'Hellmouth' arc made looking in on Buffy's world more difficult than before, so I stopped reading Buffy. Now that 'Hellmouth' is over, I return to the series, and I'm excited […]

Four Comics I'd Fund If I Lived On Mike Bloomberg's $2 Billion A Year

Four Comics I'd Fund If I Lived On Mike Bloomberg's $2 Billion A Year

It's not often a good idea to count other people's money, but after listening to Dinesh Shamdasani talk about how he's spending his Valiant severance package, I got to thinking: Who or what would I patronize with the $2 billion a year that plutocratic Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg lives on? (An aside: Shamdasani tells […]

Let's Talk Through Some Bad Ideas

"The one thing that will wash away all sins is if the books are really, really, really, really good." –Dinesh Shamdasani, from a Multiversity interview Dinesh Shamdasani and the pre-DMG New Valiant crew (Warren Simons, Hunter Gorinson, and Josh Johns) made a splash last Thursday by announcing the scope of their new project called Bad […]

An Ending, A Beginning, And A Continuation

Three Comics: An Ending, A Beginning, And A Continuation

Hellboy Winter Special 2019 by Mike Mignola, Márk László, Dave Stewart, Chris Roberson, Leila del Duca, Michelle Madsen, Scott Allie, Andrea Mutti, Lee Loughridge, and Clem Robins: The real find here is Márk László, who's exaggerated style in "The Miser's Gift" feels like a revelation. Hopefully, Dark Horse can find a Hellboy spinoff for László, […]

Three Releases, Two Dark Horses, and A Titan In A Pear Tree

December seems like the time to bury new releases, but there's still good material. I return with two Dark Horse debuts and one art book from Titan. Kill Whitey Donovan #1 by Sydney Duncan, Natalie Barahona and Troy Peteri: I'm not used to slavery stories in comics, so this one's new to me. There's a […]