3 O'Clock Club To Keep The Monsters At Bay In August



In Britain, childrebn's channel CBBC puts out the hit kids drama/rap musical series The Four O'Clock Club about a group of schoolkids seemingly eternally in detention.

In August, Lion Forge Comics are knocking an hour off that and giving us some kids merely out of school with The Three O'Clock Club by Jordan Gorfinke, Butch Hartman and Erez Zadok.

Every day at Mayflower High, when the final bell rings, a portal opens and teenage anxieties come to monstrous life. Only one thing can stop it: the Three O'Clock Club! The first original comic book from Butch Hartman (Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom), co-written by Jordan Gorfinkel (Batman: No Man's Land, Birds of Prey), is an action-packed kid-friendly adventure!.

The series follows a group of students at Mayflower High, where every day as the final bell rings, an interdimensional portal appears full of teenage anxieties come to horrifying life. Dubbed the Three O'Clock Club, these skilled secret warriors battle the terrible anxiety monsters to keep the school safe…


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