5 Reasons Frank Cho's Skybourne Is The Wonder Woman Of The 21st Century (SPOILERS)

We've already noted that Frank Cho had recycled two planned Wonder Woman covers into covers for Skybourne #1, his new comic for Boom Studios after he walked off the DC comic citing broken promises over editorial input.

Well, Skybourne #1 came out yesterday. And reading it, I was struck by a number of aspects that added up to – this is the Wonder Woman comic that many Wonder Woman fans say they wish DC Comics would publish.

Skybourne 001-007

1. She's not in a bikini. Warrior costume or not, Wonder Woman has always shown a lot of skin, and it's something that often upsets and annoys fans of the character. Skybourne wears a done-up jacket over a white shirt and jeans. She looks incredibly unassuming. And hey, she needs something she can boil wash to get the blood and guts out.

Skybourne 001-011

2. She is actually a warrior – that's what the Amazons were. A soldier. Who uses extreme violence, when necessary, without dwelling on it. She may not seek it out, but when it comes to it, she will get the job done.

Skybourne 001-009

Note not only the graphic death, but also Skybourne's attention, this is just a detail, she is distracted elsewhere. This is as meaningful to her as taking out the trash. Which is, kinda what she is doing right here.

Skybourne 001-020

She'll even pick up a gun when her fists won't do.

Skybourne 001-010

3. She can enjoy herself. Because she is not a soulless killing machine, she is a soulful killing machine, One of the highlights of BvS was Gal Gadot's smile, mid-fight. Skybourne matches it.

4. She is stoic but has a mouth on her. In control, calm, able to use words as ably as weapons as well as she can with her fists, guns and swords. She can disarm, provoke, attack with a carefully placed insult. And is hella cool.

Skybourne 001-008

5. And when it comes down to it, warriors should die in battle. And Skybourne, well…

Skybourne 001-026

Skybourne #1 by Frank Cho from Boom! Studios. Probably sold out at distributor level and going to second printing when they get round to it, but most stores should have copies in stock.


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