Avengers, Strange Academy Get Death of Doctor Strange One-Shots

Some people believe death is the end. Others believe it's a chance to cash in on readers with a one-shot special tying into a super-mega-crossover event. Who's to say who's right?

This October, Marvel honors Doctor Strange with a series of one-shot tie-ins to his death, and like all good funeral announcements, Marvel has revealed the details via EX-X-X-CLUSIVE articles with media partners CBR and GamesRadar. GamesRadar was given the very EX-X-XCLUSIVE announcement of an Avengers one-shot tying into The Death of Doctor Strange, an announcement so EX-X-XCLUSIVE that GamesRadar has reportedly been voted Wizard Magazine's EX-X-XCLUSIVIEST comics "journalism" outlet of the year. Congrats, everyone!

Alex Paknadel will write Avengers: The Death of Doctor Strange #1 with art by Ryan Bodenheim. Here's the official description of the comic:

Earth's weakest heroes! With Doctor Strange gone, the Avengers are the only ones who can stop a rampaging Juggernaut-like monster from wrecking all of Manhattan! But what does this mystical creature want? And how does the magic-skeptical Iron Man hold the answer?

Cover to Avengers: The Death of Doctor STrange
Cover to Avengers: The Death of Doctor Strange

Meanwhile, ECRotY runner-up CBR had an EX-X-XCLUSIVE reveal as well, this time of Strange Academy Presents: The Death of Doctor Strange. And Adams, clearly looking to outdo his rival, included the full solicit this time:


  • Strange Academy is closed until the events surrounding Dr. Strange's death are resolved, so the students go back to their parents!
  • Iric and Alvi's mom happens to be the Enchantress, so you know this isn't going to go smoothly. We're going to learn that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and more than just one realm is in trouble.
  • All this and more!
Cover to Strange Academy: The Death of Doctor Strange
Cover to Strange Academy: The Death of Doctor Strange

Will there be more EX-X-XCLUSIVE announcements to come. That depends how many more "news" outlets Marvel has to work with, but if we know Marvel, they'll want to cash in on this event with as many tie-ins as possible, so stay tuned, true believers!


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