Batman: White Knight Creator Sean Gordon Murphy Reveals Spoiler for Next Issue

Writer and illustrator for mini-series Batman: White Knight, Sean Gordon Murphy, has quite surprisingly taken to Instagram to reveal a fairly big spoiler for the next issue of his take on the Dark Knight, which arrives in comic stores next Wednesday.

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We here at Bleeding Cool, however, will put it behind a great big spoiler warning. So hey, if you've made it this far, we're assuming you want to know.

Taking to the image sharing social media site, Sean Gordon Murphy shared a series of panel, with dialogue that reveals that the rejected 'other' Harley Quinn, revealed last issue, has decided to take on a new role in Gotham City.

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As readers learned in the second issue of Batman: White Knight, there are in fact two Harley Quinns, with the original, jester-costume wearing Harley being the actual Harley Quinn, the psychiatrist that fell in love with the Joker. However, the new Harley Quinn, who dresses in Batman: White Knight a lot closer to Harley's current look and appearance in the film Suicide Squad, is a wholly different person.

As the original, true Harley reveals, in the depth of his mania and obsession with the Batman, Joker simply didn't notice when a whole new woman had supplanted her as his 'puddin'. However, now cured of his insanity, Harley is back.

Murphy went into to further explanation too, even giving this new Harley, now rejected by the cured Joker (calling himself Jack Napier), a name: Marian Drews. But more than that, she is disgusted to see his now cured self, and decides to become a new Joker, taking the moniker of Neo-Joker.

So yes, the second Harley Quinn is now going to be the new criminal clown of Gotham City in Batman: White Knight, which feels like a rather big development, and a little surprising to have it revealed this way. However, it is one we called here on Bleeding Cool way back in July!

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