Behold Bleeding Cool Reporters Wearing Infinity Gauntlets After NYCC – Because They Deserve To

There was, according to legend, a comic con that ran earlier in the year before New York Comic Con called San Diego Comic-Con. You might have heard of it. There Bleeding Cool magically acquired a pair of not quite matched Infinity Gauntlets courtesy of the Hasbro booth. From the shores of San Diego, those gauntlets traveled far, one to the United Kingdom, one to New York, and there remained. For approximately 2 months. At which point, lo, the gauntlets were reunited and dumped out of luggage in a hotel room. It seemed like a good idea to take them to dinner at the official Bleeding Cool Reporters' Meal following the last day of New York Comic Con.

Behold, our New York Comic Con reporters and what they got up to with the Infinity Gauntlets in celebration of triumphing over NYCC, many of them having taken to reporting for the very first time, and for some this was their very first con. Ever.

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IMG_20141012_201647341And so we bid farewell to New York Comic Con where we pretty much dominated Thanos-style with the most content we have ever published on the site at any comic con in our five year history (having reached a record number of reporters this year as well). Thank you, readers, for your demonstrable support of the site and for checking out our coverage of the con. More round-ups are on their way to highlight the immense number of items we ran and what you might have missed.

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