Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest #282 Is Fun and Refreshing

Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest is just the thing you, or your kids, need. The double digests are classic Archie fun, and they're always a feel-good read. This romp into the classic Archie universe is just what we need right now!

Readers get a lot in this double digest. We open with Betty and Veronica at Goodhope Thrift Shop. Veronica is put off by sorting and organizing donated clothing, but the always positive Betty is there to remind her that they're doing community service. This is a good story that focuses largely on Veronica. While she starts off as acting better than what's around her, we see her good nature shine through when she helps a customer find a fashionable outfit. I like it when writers do this with characters — especially Veronica. It shows that we shouldn't be quick to judge, and there is more to her.

Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest #282 Is Fun and Refreshing!

With Bill Golliher writing and Dan Parent on pencils, you know this is a solid, excellent Betty and Veronica story. These two know the magic formula for creating an engaging Betty and Veronica story. The entire creative team on this story is excellent tho — with inks by Jim Amash, colors by Glenn Whitmore, and letters by Jack Morelli.

Most of the stories in here are reprints, with a few new stories thrown in. They show Betty and Veronica living their normal, teenage life, with some classic Archie hijinx thrown in. It's a nice escape from the real world — especially when you're practicing social distancing. It's nice to see some familiar faces in familiar scenarios. Archie has always helped me stay calm and make sense of the real world, and this digest is no different.

The digests have always been the best bang for your buck. Readers get a lot of out them, and they can be enjoyed over and over again.

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