Star Trek: Year Five #12 Review:  Warp Factor “Holy Crap"

Star Trek: Year Five #12 Review: Warp Factor "Holy Crap"

If you need bracing, you're sure as heck not gonna have much time for it as this issue throws you directly into the deep end as it's tons of plot pushing forward at warp factor "holy crap." An old friend is back, and he ain't so friendly anymore. Starting off with one of those classic Kirk fight […]

Reaver #9 Review: Escalated Rather Quickly

Reaver #9 Review: Well That Escalated Rather Quickly

As anticipated last issue, things escalated rather quickly as the repentant man-mountain Essen Breaker and his murderous and diminutive colleague Rekala run into some unexpected complications. They're both in the brutal seaside city Haas Haaden to stop a stream of missing kids, consigned to a horrible fate. Still, all of the factors seem aligned against […]

5 Thoughts on Image Comic's Decorum #1 and #2

Decorum #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Mike Huddleston, Rus Wooton, and Sasha E Head, reviewed here by Hannibal Tabu, came out in May, Decorum #2 came out in June, and I have some thoughts on the far-future science fiction series thus far. 1. I bought the first issue on the name value alone. The combination of […]

Captain America Marvels Snapshot #1 Review: A Pyrrhic Victory

Captain America Marvels Snapshot #1 Review: A Pyrrhic Victory

This very clever and surprising issue takes an alternate look at the aftermath of 1976's Captain America #193, putting a truly human face on the cost of the Madbomb detonation that turned New Yorkers on each other. The events are seen through the eyes of Felix Waterhouse, a naturally gifted engineer from the South Bronx who just […]

The cover of Thor #5 published by Marvel Comics with the creative team of Donny Cates, Nic Klein, Matt Wilson, and Joe Sabino.

Thor #5 Review: It's Unfortunately a Swing and a Miss

Thor and Galactus stand together against the sentient force that ended the universe before the one we know, empowered and bloodied but ready for a fight … with a heck of a twist ending. Here's the thing … this book is gorgeous. Thor is awash in the power as the All-Father and the added might […]

Batman #93 Review: A Spark Of Something

Batman #93 Review: It Has a Little Spark of Something

For some time, the Dark Knight Detective has been chasing the ghost of criminals past. Close to the time of his debut, a master criminal called The Designer came to Gotham City with proposed upgrades for Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman and the Joker that would have essentially been a lawless version of Pimp My Ride for […]

Suicide Squad #6 Review: Superbly Entertaining

Suicide Squad #6 Review: A Superbly Entertaining Issue

Once upon a time, the United States government decided to offer some of its worst convicts a chance at redemption through clandestine black bag missions as Task Force X, colloquially called the Suicide Squad. This went predictably destructively for years and years, leading to a super-powered cadre called the Revolutionaries infiltrating the Squad to shut […]

DIE #11 Review: Literary And Engaging

DIE #11 Review: Literary And Engaging

If you've been reading this meta-fantasy themed series for some time, DIE #11 will be very rewarding as it gives quality attention to characters and themes that have been percolating for months. If you have no idea what's going on and have never read this work, you're gonna be completely lost and have no idea […]

The Weirn: Be Wary of The Woods Is A Fun Return to The Weirn World

The Weirn Books: Be Wary of The Silent Woods: A Fun and Charming Start

Award-winning Graphic Novelist Svetlana Chmokova is back in the fantasy world with The Weirn: Be Wary of The Woods. Chmokova has come a long way since she first burst into the world of graphic novels in the mid-2000s. She created the fantasy world of The Weirn in her Night School graphic novels in 2009, which […]

Empyre #0 Avengers Main Cover

Empyre #0: Avengers Review: A Solid Beginning [SPOILERS]

Marvel has become over the years the House of Events, more than the House of Ideas that it once claimed to be.  There are usually at least four to five Event Crossovers (series that are significant "event storylines" that are separate from regular ongoings and serve as the "backbone" of the story, which then has […]

Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 Review — Draws The Reader In

Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 Review: It Draws The Reader In

With a relentless sense of urgency, lushly appointed artwork, and an engaging cast, this new fantasy work, Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1, makes a bold statement that gives the bigger publishers a run for their money. Here's the gag: in the 1400s, a prince escapes captives who have claimed his family heirloom as part […]

Strange Adventures #2 Review — Odd Dichotomies

Strange Adventures #2 Review: A Number of Odd Dichotomies

There are a number of odd dichotomies in this work that follow closely the dual nature of its narrative. On one side, Adam Strange lives a life of adventure, seeking to protect Rann from all threats and save his wife and child while performing feats of derring-do. On the other side, Mister Terrific goes through […]

Ironheart 2020 #2 Review: Sound Familiar?

2020 Ironheart #2 Review: Does This All Sound Familiar?

Teenaged genius Riri Williams has had to hang up her armor due to the Super Human Registration Act, er, that is the Mutant Registration Act, sorry, Kamala's Law, which says teenagers are not legally allowed to engage in super-heroics. Unfortunately, as part of the Arno Stark-minded crossover happening now, her trusty artificial intelligence, named after […]

Ludocrats #2 Review — Professionals At Work Here

Ludocrats #2 Review: The Professionals are at Work Here

Wow. Well, making any narrative make sense is an uphill climb, even sometimes for seasoned creators, but to take an intentionally ridiculous idea and make it wholly clear and understandable while not taking any of the "ridiculous" out of it … you're setting the game difficulty level pretty high. Luckily, this book is firmly held […]

Legion Of Super-Heroes #6 Review -- Here Comes Adventure

Legion Of Super-Heroes #6 Review: Here Comes Adventure

Strap the heck in, because here comes adventure. One thousand years in the future, a fleet of interstellar pirates have seized the trident of Aquaman and intend to use it to destroy New Earth and its fledgling protectors, The Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legionnaires are freshly back from a visit to the path with inspiration […]

Black Cat #11 Review: The Despinan Ambassador

Black Cat #11 Review: The Despinan Ambassador

For several issues, the titular burglar legally named Felicia Hardy has been putting together a MASS Device, er, a huge machine needed for her biggest heist ever, the uncrackable vault of the New York Thieves' Guild. There's only one piece left, and the only place in the world anyone could find that impossibly rare piece […]

Flash #755 Review: Song Of Hope And Pugilism

The Flash #755 Review: Song Of Hope And Pugilism

Barry Allen, the Flash is forced to team up with two of his most dangerous villains — the cop turned murderer Godspeed and his long time nemesis the Reverse Flash — to battle Paradox, whose family died as a result of a Flash battle and led him to seek universe-shattering power for vengeance. There are […]

Bass Reeves #1 Review: A Bigger Than Life Legend

Bass Reeves #1 Review: A Bigger Than Life Legend

With a great sense of style and a laser-like determination, this book does a great job establishing the legend of the west's most successful lawman. Bass Reeves has a bigger than life legend, said to be "nine feet tall, coal-black and rides a horse that's ghost-white; and he carries these guns — black guns that […]

Nightwing #71 Review: As Dumb As It Sounds

Nightwing #71 Review: This Is All as Dumb as It Sounds

For some time now, the erstwhile ward of the Bat has been living a different life. His memories of his time with Bruce Wayne were erased by a sniper's bullet, and he's been living in Bludhaven as Ric Grayson, cabbie by day and reluctant hero at night, his muscle memory from being a hero/spy/adventurer driving […]

Kill Lock #5 Review: High Grade Science Fiction

Kill Lock #5 Review: It's Some High-Grade Science Fiction

If you're late to the game, here's the gag: four sentient robots have been sentenced and exiled due to crimes from their homeworld, doomed to stay relatively close to each other, and if one dies, they all die. One is a nearly impossibly powerful combatant who disobeyed a cruel order (Wraith), another a worker with […]