Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 23rd October 2016 – Batman Takes The Top. Again.


This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keen

Again, Batman takes the top two (and pops up in the third) But Marvel will be pleased to get a few more in the chart without having to rely on Civil War II. And the modern day success of the Black Panther title is unquestionable now… but yes, today, Green Arrow outdoes Amazing Spider-Man and Nightwing outdoes Death Of X….

1. Batman #9
2. Dark Knight III: The Master Race #6
3. Justice League #7
4. Superman #9
5. Infamous Iron Man #1
6. Trinity #2
7. Green Arrow #9
8. Amazing Spider-Man #20
9. Black Panther #7
10. Nightwing #7

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This week, we had a Marvel super hero book in our top ten, and it wasn't even a first issue, with Amazing Spider-Man 20 at spot number 6. The first five spots were Batman, Trinity, Justice League, DKIII and Superman. I am surprised we're not selling more Death Of X, Deadpool: Back In Black, or Harley Quinn. Infamous Iron Man 1 was our 17th bestseller so far this week, tied with A-Force (which was just cancelled), so it's not off to a great start. This makes me wish I had cut my Riri 1 orders last week when I had the chance.

Harley's numbers are about the same as before Rebirth, which are strong numbers, but that means HQ is equal or behind Aquaman and Nightwing by the first week's sales (although HQ has a long tail well beyond week one or two), so it seems like it's not as strong as it was pre-Rebirth, where those sales use to be the exception, not the rule. I can't really complain about the whole Rebirth line being lifted. I thought the Monster Men crossover was pretty bad overall, but it didn't seem to hurt sales on Batman or Nightwing so far, so I have faith these next arcs should be better. I Am Suicide is off to a good start for Batman and Michael Janin's art is incredible.

We're selling lots of Walking Dead, especially issue 100 with Negan's first appearance and the whole Something To Fear arc. And it's only going to get crazier this weekend with the return of Walking Dead and Negan showing people how crazy he really is on Sunday night. We are selling lots of Batman from the 1990s to the 2010s, and a decent amount of Uncanny X-Men, Generation X and older X-books. I didn't know how much some of the Adam Hughes Catwoman covers are going for (over $100) on eBay for a few of them. Some of those we've sold for cover price or not much over in the recent past, but we have most of our 400 long boxes of back issues at barely over cover price, so we don't update our pricing too often unless we're sorting a new collection, which is what happened in this case. Still selling lots of Rebirth from the Rebirth issue and up, especially Batman, Detective and Action.

Marvel's biggest post-Civil War II launch this far manages to lurch into eighth place on the store's sales charts this week–but at least Marvel managed to place one Marvel Universe title in the charts. Otherwise Marvel sales were dismal, falling behind every Rebirth title on the charts. Here's hoping that Marvel can find editorial/publishing talent with enough savvy to restore the company to their former glory…

Renewed interest in pre-Flashpoint Nightwing and Robin…

Not the week i thought it would be.Dark Knight III did well, but it did slip in copies moved. Infamous Iron Man did much better than expected and was actually a good read.The problem is that customers now know the end of Civil War and i will have to drop the numbers before it is too late.I like to try as positive as possible, however this is the second event title in a row that has not hit deadlines and had new titles start that give away story plot…if this does not bother Marvel then why was Star Wars"Classified"for December in the Previews.Might want to tell the editorial staff that they might want to dust of the old resume…or does Marvel accept poor work ethic from top to bottom in this company.

People do complain about the writing on Batman but still buy the heck out of it giving it the top spot. And wow, the gap between DC and Marvel sales has grown. Marvel's various recent new first issues are not popular. Infamous Iron Man didn't even make it into our top ten. Now Solo, Now Power Man, Now Champions, look to have no legs sales wise. I am stunned. In the years we have been open I have never seen such a lack of excitement by the readership for Marvel. It is something we need Marvel to address and correct ASAP.

Little bit of everything sold this week on the back-issue market. I actually think that customers were just trying to find cover art that was appealing from all companies and titles.

I was sort of surprised that Kiss #1 made it to the top 10. I felt we over ordered. Mike, the owner, stuck by his guns. Looks like we'll be sold out of our hefty order byMonday! Also, I don't recognize a lot of these people. Kiss fans AND comics fans unite! It's good to be wrong sometimes.

Speaking of Dynamite, Betty Boop continues to move. We're on our 2nd reorder. Granted, we ordered modestly considering the esoteric nature of the book, but parents and art students keep scooping it up. It's good to be wrong sometimes. (I'm making a habit of it.)

Another great week for new comic sales all because of balance. Marvel showed up again with 4 books in the top ten, And what were the books.. core Marvel characters… Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and the X-Men. So see Marvel, why we have had DC dominance over the past 5 months is because they went back to basic, strengthen their core characters and developed a 2 year plan (reducing their price point didn't hurt). This week proved that Marvel could have the same success if they do the same. So no more Solo's and Mosaic's (back up characters at best), we need more focused core character books.

Another good week for sales and next week looks to be even bigger. Not too much to comment on with this list. What you'd expect to sell well sold well. Only BigTwo books on the list with DC edging out Marvel 6-4. Of DC's charting books Superman, at number nine on the list, is the only one without a Batman connection. All things Iron Man have officially overtaken Spider-Man as our biggest Marvel sellers. Infamous #1 outsold ASM #20 but not by much. Black Panther continues its dependable sales, though not too much chatter about it. Good, solid, unsurprising week.

Most disappointing #1 of the week goes to Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye. Cautiously ordering on Young Animal may have been a better tact than the optimistic ordering we made.

Batman #9 actually felt like an issue written by Tom King. Crazy that it took 9 issues. Big week with lots of interest in LOTS of books.

Strange Tales #110 sold this week (surprise!) – plus your usual Spider-Man #300, and other silver/bronze keys.

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