Captain Marvel #1 And Mixed-Gender Shower Scenes In Sci-Fi

Today sees the launch of the new Captain Marvel comic. Marvel Comics has such big plans for her, ahead of the movie, the character is heading up Earth's defence against surprise attacks from alien galaxies in her new title. She's heading up the new A-Force series. And she will be the focus of opposition in Marvel's Civil War II against Tony Stark.

And the first issue explores both Captain Marvel's new world, living on an orbital satellite rather than the free flying space explorer she has been of late, and the problems with such a change. Rocket Raccoon doesn't exactly help, but does he ever? It's a comic about life changes, about compromise, about power plays and restrictions.IMG_0022

And the constant clashing between expectation and reality, of other people's priorities and hers, about power kept in check.

So given that, what will Bleeding Cool really focus on? Why obviously…

IMG_0021 …the fact that they have mixed showers. But there's a point to this.

Classic sci-fi TV and movies, such as Robocop, Starship Troopers, Judge Dredd and Battlestar Galactica use this trope as a way to show a future, an easy way to show that certain attitudes have changed that you are dealing with another time, another place, another way of being.

apolloPicture4CasperVanDien   dredshow

Or that you are in a sauna in Austria, one of the two.

Well, Captain Marvel has her sights set on sci-fi stardom. And this is one very simple way to demonstrate that.

Just someone explain it to Puck, okay? Before he gets knocked out of play….

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who will see Simon Spurrier & Emma Price signing their new Image comic Cry Havoc next Wednesday January 27 from 5:30-7pm.


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