Dark Ages by Tom Taylor and Iban Coello Off the Marvel MIA List

Dark Ages, the Marvel super-mega-crossover event by Tom Taylor and Iban Coello originally scheduled last year before, well, everything went to hell, is back on. Taylor began sharing promotional art for the series on Twitter on Friday.

Back when it was first announced, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston described it thusly:

Tom Taylor wrote the DCeased series at DC Comics, a mini-series that saw the DC Universe overrun with Anti-Life zombies, with the remaining heroes and villains fighting for survival. high concept and out of continuity, it has spawned sequels and spinoffs. And it looks like that's what Marvel might want from Tom Taylor now. Not a Marvel Zombies or a Contagion wannabee, but something with a similar potential scope for new stories.

Marvel's 2020 Free Comic Book Day special teased the event further, showing it is centered around the Marvel Universe, or at least New York City, losing all power, no matter the source, whether it's the local power grid or Iron Man's arc reactor. In an age where everyone is constantly connected with their computers, tablets, phones, or watches, what could be more terrifying than a complete absence of electricity?

Put another way: how will the long-suffering citizens of the Marvel Universe get online to complain about stuff? It's bad enough their universe is getting rocked to its foundations roughly once every three months, but now they can't even bitch about it on Twitter? These truly are the Dark Ages, aren't they?

Of course, if there are any GI Joe fans in the Marvel Universe, they'll already know how to handle this from watching the five-part mini-series The Pyramid of Darkness. Basically, we're hoping the Avengers have got plenty of hang gliders.

The Marvel MIA list remains:

  • The Punisher Vs Barracuda
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Nebula
  • New Warriors

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