DC Comics Asks New Infinite Frontier Questions This Week

Last weekend, Bleeding Cool reported that this week's DC Comics ads for Infinite Frontier had questions to ask. And presumably, some comic books out this week have some more answers to give – and probably some more questions to be asked. Well, they are doing it again with a new set of questions and answers. And Bleeding Cool got a sneak peek at more "Multiversal Mysteries To Be Solved" for Director Bones of the DEO.

DC Comics Asks New Infinite Frontier Questions This Week
DC Comics Asks New Infinite Frontier Questions This Week
  1. Is The United Planets Forming Their Own Justice League?
  2. What Sacrifice Must Shazam! Make?
  3. Why Have The Green Lanterns' Rings Gone Dark?
  4. What Is The New Swamp Thing's Mission?
  5. Who Will Protect The Oceans?
  6. Why Has Red X Infiltrated Teen Titans Academy?

And a few new Multiversal Monitors for Director Bones to monitor the DC Omniverse with.

DC Comics Asks New Infinite Frontier Questions This Week
DC Comics Asks New Infinite Frontier Questions This Week

These are the questions  DC asked last week and our possible answers. But what about this week?

  1. What Team Is Oracle Forming And Why? Well, that looks like her Batgirls. Will this be the start of a new Birds Of Prey? A new Batgirls comic by Alyssa Wong?
  2. What Is Fear State? Gotham, as created by Scarecrow, Simon Saint and others.
  3. Why Is Clark Kent Leading A New Version Of The Authority? He's trying to recreate a Justice League-style team that fell apart over internal divisions.
  4. Will Jonathan Kent Be Able To Fill His Fathers Shoes As Superman? He is going to be an interventionist Superman. Make the kind of changes his father did not. Upset the status quo. Maybe become a tyrant. And no longer standing for America.
  5. Can Wonder Woman Escape The Godsphere And Return To Earth. Probably. She escapes the Goshphere this week – just not to Earth. Yet.
  6. Which Hero Is Wearing A Black Lantern Ring? Roy Harper. Though he is reluctant to call himself Black Arrow (see below).
  7. Has The Fastest Man Alive Outrun His Past? Looks like nothing was ever his fault.
  8. How Is Roy Harper Alive? See answer to question 6. Today's Flash Annual is more concerned with how he died. But there are also more questions as to how his daughter is alive…

More questions from DC Comics next week?

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