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Dan DiDio Bins New DC Comics Timeline For The Second Time
Bleeding Cool is looking to get more on those actual 5G plans later this week, including how they departed from the current Infinite Frontier plan. World War II is the font of many issues, fixing the JSA in time, something that the New 52 initially fought to get rid of, but there are others as well[...]
Interior preview page from SUPERMAN AND THE AUTHORITY #1 (OF 4) CVR A MIKEL JANIN
And yes the sums don't add up, that's part of what we'll be revealing when this tweet hits a hundred. And while, yes, the events of Superman & The Authority published on Tuesday will be affecting the Infinite Frontier Superman books, it is clear that a) this is not the DC Timeline that the other Superman[...]
DC Comics Asks New Infinite Frontier Questions This Week
Last weekend, Bleeding Cool reported that this week's DC Comics ads for Infinite Frontier had questions to ask And presumably, some comic books out this week have some more answers to give – and probably some more questions to be asked Well, they are doing it again with a new set of questions and answers[...]
Answering Some Of Those Infinite Frontier Questions
As Bleeding Cool reported at the weekend, this week's DC Comics ads for Infinite Frontier have questions to ask And some comic books out this week have some more answers to give – and probably some more questions to be asked Here's a spoiler-ish look at some of them. DC Comics teaser for Infinite Frontier What Team[...]
Batman's Dad Doesn't Read Comics? Infinite Frontier Spoilers
Especially given the best way to access the information. That would be the Multiverse Guide by Grant Morrison being plugged there in today's Infinite Frontier #2 $6 on eBay, though the endorsement might affect this going forward Maybe DC Comics should reprint – or update it But what of Bruce Wayne, Thomas Wayne's son does[...]
Superman and Batman know more about the multiverse than they're letting on, or at least so believes Agent Cameron Chase in this preview of Infinite Frontier #2 The existence of the multiverse, and its propensity to shake the DC Universe to its foundations leaving nothing ever the same again, is starting to grate on the[...]
Dr Bone's DC Multiverse Ads In This Week's DC Comics (Spoilers)
The following ad will be running in DC Comics titles this week, alongside the release of Infinite Frontier #2 Questions are asked, though we seem to have many answers already The ad shows Mr Bones – now Director Bones – of the DEO staring into his tablet before we see his Adrian Veidt-style monitor display. Director[...]
Spoiler: Psycho Pirate's Reality Gets Bigger In Infinite Frontier
Spoilers! Infinite Frontier Secret Files is a digital-first comic book that has been serialised in recent weeks, and looks at a Dr Bones poring through the files of the DEO (somehow returned to reality) and looking at a variety of incursions from one dimension into another, characters returning to life, and the rewriting of reality[...]
Spawn Universe #1 Tops Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
And a second printing, courtesy of a digital code, also made it in… Spawn Universe #1 Detective Comics #1038 Infinite Frontier #1 Wolverine #13 Amazing Spider-Man #69 Darth Vader #3 Robin #3 Way Of X #3 Batman Fortnite Zero Point (2nd printing) #3 Heroes Return #1 Thanks to the following Bleeding Cool Bestseller List retailers… Ssalefish Comics of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Concord, North Carolina Dr[...]
Infinite Frontier #1 - Multiverse, Crisis and Roy Harper (Spoilers)
  As Bleeding Cool told you a month ago, one of the big changes in Infinite Frontier #1 published today by DC Comics is that everyone living in the DC Universe is now aware of The Multiverse as a result of all the various Crises including the recent Death Metal Including the creative and editorial team of[...]
Interior preview page from INFINITE FRONTIER #1 (OF 6) CVR A MITCH GERADS
Three weeks ago, Bleeding Cool ran some Infinite Frontier rumours and gossip This week sees the publication of Infinite Frontier #1 Feel free to compare and contrast, the original runs below, with a few new images from the preview this week replacing the unlettered images and pages from before The text remains the same… Infinite Frontier[...]
Josh Williamson Sells Infinite Frontier #1 To Twitter
Infinite Frontier #1 is out in three weeks, and you know the drill Bleeding Cool has learned a few things, on top of everything Josh Williamson said about the event series How Infinite Frontier is Act One of his DC Comics master plan On just how he is bringing back Connor Hawke and Roy Harper[...]
DC Comics' August 2021 Solicits and Solicitations, Frankensteined
Infinite Frontier time! Josh Williamson was on John Siuntres' Word Balloon podcast the other week and had lots to say We pointed out a few things regarding the Green Arrow and Aquaman books going forward, and how he almost left DC Comics over 5G but there was much, much more besides, including regarding the character[...]