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DC Comics Offers Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Conferencing

With social distancing measures in place, businesses and individuals alike have turned to video conferencing software for a more personal way to connect with each other. Some software, like Zoom, allows users to display virtual backgrounds, transforming their drab office or messy bedroom into a gorgeous environment. But why settle for real locations when you can conference call from the exotic locales of the DC Comics Universe?

As long as your computer has the graphics processing power to handle it, you can make use of these virtual backgrounds released by DC Comics. Locations include the Batcave, the Daily Planet, the Hall of Justice, Themyscira, and more. You can even pretend to be discussing the latest financial reports from Gorilla City.

Virtual Backgrounds for Every Occasion

"Whether it's for work, school or just keeping in touch with your friends, you've likely found yourself video chatting with a lot of people over the past couple of weeks. After all, it's a great way to stay connected in this time of social distancing," the DC press release reads. "But why take video calls from your living room or bedroom when you could take them from the Batcave, the Fortress of Solitude, Themyscira or the Hall of Justice?" That's a great question.

The fact is, the current situation has changed the way we do business. Your boss may have been uninterested in nonsense before, but now your boss has been trapped at home for weeks the same as you. A little variety is just what's needed to keep everyone's mind off the boredom. With these virtual backgrounds from DC, you'll be providing entertainment to keep from going insane. At least, that's the excuse you can tell yourself.


To use these virtual backgrounds, right-click on any of the images and save it to your computer. Then, follow the instructions for the conferencing app of your choice. Instructions for using virtual backgrounds with Zoom, probably the most popular choice, can be found here.

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