DC Comics To Collect Sandman Mystery Theatre Again, Third Time Lucky?

Comic book series Sandman Mystery Theatre ran for 70 issues and one annual, from DC Comics/Vertigo between 1993 and 1999 and retold the adventures of the Golden Age Sandman, Wesley Dodds, a classic DC vigilante and member if the Justice Society of America, whose main weapon is a gun that fires sleeping gas, His existence became part of the Neil Gaiman Sandman continuity, Wesley Dobbs becoming the Sandman, including the gas mask, when Morpheus was imprisoned, and that was enough of an excuse to create a film noir type book for the character that went on for almost as long as the actual Sandman series, by Matt Wagner, Steve T Seagle and Guy Davis,

DC Comics has also tried to collect the Sandman Mystery Theatre twice before and failed. The first time saw a series of trade paperbacks beginning in 2004 to 2010 with four to eight issues in each and went up to issue 52 before it stopped.

The second time in 2016 saw them publish Sandman Mystery Theatre Book One and Book Two, collecting Sandman Mystery Theatre #1-#24 and the then-uncollected Sandman Mystery Theatre Annual. But no more.

Now it's third time lucky with The Sandman Mystery Theatre Compendium One out in March collecting 1000 pages of Sandman Mystery Theatre; that's got to be around the first 40 issues or so. So all you need is a Sandman Mystery Theatre Compendium Two, and you'll be done.

Maybe they're counting on a whole new potential audience because of the Netflix Sandman show?

DC Comics To Collect Sandman Mystery Theatre Again,Third Time Lucky?

The Sandman Mystery Theatre Compendium One
Author Matt Wagner
Illustrated by Guy Davis
On sale Mar 21, 2023 | 1000 Pages

In this noir collection, millionaire Wesley Dodds becomes the Sandman to fight injustice in 1930s New York City, going after kidnappers, blackmailers and predators who prey on rich socialites. The year is 1938, and the world is holding its breath—mesmerized by the onrushing storm that will soon engulf it in fire and steel. In New York City, one man's sleep is filled with tormenting visions of the evils that mankind visits upon itself, compelling him to act. And so, by night, Wesley Dodds lays aside the trappings of his inherited wealth to roam the shadows as the Sandman, armed with a tranquilizing gas gun and driven by an unrelenting sense of justice. Haunted and obsessed, the Sandman moves through a decadent, post-Depression landscape, stalking the predators who hide themselves beneath society's callous indifference to the weak and vulnerable. No one sees him at his work until he chooses to reveal himself—no one, that is, except the woman who is destined to be the light to his darkness.

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