Did You Pick Up The Daredevil And Punisher SK Energy Variants? You Might Need A Drink.

There were meant to be huge amounts of SK Energy shot drinks with Daredevil and Punisher livery handed out at New York Comic Con. Well, there seem to have been a few but not exactly what you'd call a strong sampling activity. There was a booth but they seemed to run out rather quickly, of both the drinks and the giveaway variant cover comics.


Though someone got a set… in boxes.


And you'll also be able to see what you're missing in next week's Marvel 75th Anniversary Magazine…

IMG_20141024_095446856[1]Coming in 2015, they promise… and if you got copies of the variant comics associated with the drinks? They go for a lot more than 50 Cents…


Well, it could pay for your next trip to Comic Con…


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